Friday, January 29, 2010

You Look Thinner!

I was minding my own business the other day when a colleague stopped me and said the words. I didn't particularly think that anyone would say these words to me, at least not for several months if at all.

My fitness goals don't really involve "losing weight". My goals are centered around performance in surfing and golf, my favorite sports in which to participate. I've really committed to my goals lately, thanks to my Twitter bud Lisa and her Twitter Trim Up Challenge.

Regardless, it was still nice to hear the words, "you look thinner", from someone that sees me every day. Cutting added salt from my diet is the likely culprit for such a quick result in my opinion. I haven't weighed myself so I don't actually know if I have lost any weight. Even if I did, I didn't weigh myself at the beginning of my TTUC program so I wouldn't be able to tell anyways.

I'm off to hit the surf right now to start off a meeting-filled day. Have a great weekend everyone!

How are you doing with your fitness goals?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Jumping Stilts - An Alternative Workout

Want legs of iron, a core of steel, and Abs to die for - yet never lift a weight?

Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts
: You may have seen them in the 2008 Olympic closing ceremonies, at Mr. Obama's inaugural party, or maybe even in a parade at Disneyland; but lately they are being used by almost anyone who wants the pure thrill of radical fun mixed with fitness and adrenaline.

Designed and patented by a German aerospace engineer, Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts are a spring loaded stilt that you strap onto each leg. The outstanding feature is a 3 foot long, space-age, carbon fiber spring that by means of compression and deflection can send you into the air like a super-human.

Although Jumping Stilts are being marketed to extreme sports enthusiasts because of their love of big air, the US distributor has been amazed at how many units are sold to men and women of any age who are looking for an exciting fitness alternative.

For those who are bored with the fitness club routine or are tired of running the roads for hours, Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts provide an excellent cardiovascular/weight loss training and full body workout in a fraction of the time.

* Build incredible leg strength and tone
* Strengthen all of your body's core muscles
* Strengthen you heart and build great endurance
* Loose fat by burning more calories in a shorter time period.

Shape Magazine states, "Plyometric moves like jumping aren't just good for your bones; they may help you live longer. Women who did exercises like stepping and jumping for 40 minutes three times a week for a year decreased their LDL (bad) cholesterol."

So start jumping today! If you have any questions or want to see what the jumping stilts craze is all about check out the community for jumpers online here.

This post contains sponsored content but Jumping Stilts sure do look like a lot of fun! You can check out more videos of the product here. As with any fitness plan, know your limitations and be safe.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday Workout Motivation

A smarty-pants buddy of mine keeps insisting that I post specific songs that I like to work out to. They think the comments that ensue will be quite amusing.

Fine. "I likes what I likes" as another friend once said about their tastes.

One of the best workout songs ever in my opinion is this little number by Slipknot. Try not to be motivated when you're on the bicycle or treadmill and listening to this. Other songs that work are Sugar by Sytem of a Down that is in today's video and this awesome tune by Korn. Also, a list like this isn't complete without mentioning Slayer.

Are you sorry that you asked yet?

When I am surfing there is no music but I often wish that there would be a giant stereo playing the Growlers or Pennywise.

Yes, I have never grown up.

I grew up on Blondie and then the punk scene and remember the first Metallica album. During the day when I am working diligently I generally have techno or electronica in the background. Things are almost never silent around me, I am always listening to something.

Good daytime tunes that also work for resistance and weight training are Stanton Warriors, Cut Chemist, and Spank Rock.

I also absolutely love all surf music like Dick Dale, Ventures, and that entire period. I bet I don't need to link to those because you know who they are, right? I would really love to have some of that playing in the golf cart while I am on the course but there is that whole quiet thing with golf.

Okay, comment away.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tales From The Inbox - January 26, 2010

January means a full inbox - here are some of the latest communications from contests, PR folks, OEMs, and others:

Rock Victorious: Nike Women Rock Victorious films have launched to celebrate personal moments of victory and the dedication to training of top female athletes - Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova, Susanna Kallur, and Lianne Sanderson.

Nike Women's Training is committed to fueling the power of sport in the life of every young female athlete around the world. Whether she's training, dancing, snowboarding, or running, when she dedicates herself - as these top athletes do - she too can reach her individual potential. Ultimately by celebrating the emotional power of an athlete's accomplishments we hope to inspire young female athletes to feel, experience, be a part of their own victorious moment. Check out the Rock Victorious site to see what it is all about.

Crash The Super Bowl: Yes, if you follow me on Twitter you know that I think this year's Super Bowl will be a major snoozefest. Epic boredom. This is what happens when you don't have a team in the playoffs or an NFL team in your MAJOR city at all. That's another story.

This year, Doritos presents the “Crash the Super Bowl” contest, incorporating user generated videos and potentially shelling out up to $5 million. Out of 4,000 entries, 6 finalists have been selected and now online consumer votes will determine which three winning contestant’s video will air during the Super Bowl. Today's video is one such finalist and you can see the rest here.

College Hoops: With college basketball in full swing, that means one thing for many hoops fans -- lots of game watching. During these exciting (and sometimes frustrating times), inspired fans may overflow with brilliant ideas to enhance the fan experience---only to be left disappointed that they lack an outlet to express their vision. Coke Zero heard the call from the fans and in response, launched the Department of Fannovation – an online hub where people can share these innovative ideas and then compete to win $10,000 and a trip for two to the NCAA Final Four in 2011.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to potential Fannovations; whether it’s a concession cup that turns into a megaphone, a pair of pants with a built in seat cushion, or something as simple as a new cheering device (think the Foam Finger or the popular Thunderstix).

Fans can head over now to page to submit their idea (along with any videos, photos, and drawings) and view/vote for the others. The top 64 will then advance to the “Brain Bracket,” as chosen by fan voting and Coke Zero, and these will then compete in a tournament-like “survive and advance” format until only one idea remains.

Seth Davis, the in studio NCAA analyst for CBS, helps explains in this video how the Department of Fannovation and Coke Zero’s first ever Brain Bracket will work here. You can get more info by clicking on this link also.

Monday, January 25, 2010

5 Questions: More Thoughts On Fitness Challenges

The last week has spawned much chatter about some challenges we face when sticking to a fitness plan. I've got a few thoughts on this but, as usual, I am not a physician or certified in anything so take the necessary precautions before you take my advice. I can't be responsible for you trying to master 10 foot faces your first time out or something silly like that.

This post was inspired by my TTUC buds, like most of my recent fitness-themed posts. Other inspirations are Mike at Ruthless Golf and Lindsay at That Mutt.

1. How do I stick to my fitness plan when I travel?

Whether for business or pleasure I've heard different approaches to eating right and staying fit while on the road. Many have said to me that they refuse to watch what they eat when on vacation. I disagree. Just because you are taking a break from life I don't feel you should abuse your body. Stop associating food with relaxing or rewards and you'll be much better off in the long run.

If you're trapped on a business trip like I was last year you can find ways to stay fit. Most hotels have a gym and/or a pool and if you're at a beach resort there is nothing wrong with a long fitness walk on the sand in the morning. In fact, when I was a poor college student in Florida, my morning workout was walking on the beach in the sand with my sneakers on for at least an hour. People used to tell me "that would be easier without your shoes on" when they saw me walking. I'd reply "easy is not the point". If you're trapped in bad weather then use the gym, or *quietly* utilize the stairs for your workout routine.

As for food, don't make travel the excuse to give yourself a license to eat dessert or croissants in the morning. Wake up early enough to think about your breakfast and make the smart choices for lunch and dinner. You know what you should be eating. The whole thing is just a matter of commitment in my opinion.

2. What if I want some dessert every so often?

All things in moderation! If you are an absolute chocolate nut why would you completely eliminate it from your diet? You enjoy it, right? Why deprive yourself? There is no reason to cut out dessert completely. When you do that, you have a tendency to over-indulge and set yourself back quite a bit. Include treats in your fitness plan. I'm quite fond of alcohol (beer, wine, liquor) and don't plan to give it up. I've accounted for this is my workout and eating plan.

Start slowly - if you eat chocolate every day try to cut it down to every other day and then once a week. Before you know it, you'll be down to once a month and still enjoying your chocolate. Live a little!

3. What workout music works best?

Whatever motivates you works best! For me, I like a variety. Some days it is disco that works best and others it's all about Slipknot. Speed metal and hardcore really work best for me! Make yourself a playlist for cardio and another for the other training you do if that works better.

These last two questions are for you, the readers:

4. What are your biggest challenges in sticking to your fitness goals?

5. What other questions would you like me to answer about how I stick to mine?

Friday, January 22, 2010

Contemplating Change

For the last few months I've been thinking about shaking things up around here a bit. Nothing drastic, but some redesign and maybe some format changes. I'm not quite sure. I'm not talking a shakeup where I don't cover sports any longer. That would just be crazy.

Next month will be the two year anniversary of this blog. I wonder if I should just not fix what isn't broken. Maybe I don't see what's broken and it does need fixing? I'm not sure yet.

I've been really, really busy otherwise so I haven't been able to dedicate the time to do some investigating.

I've asked before, so I'll ask again - how about some feedback? You can leave me a comment or an email but let me know what you like and don't like. I'm always interested in what readers suggest.

Let's hear it!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

We Interrupt The Blog To Bring You This

First I want to thank everyone that has sent messages to inquire as to my well-being in the storms we are having here. Fortunately for me, nearly all the hilly areas around me are covered in concrete. In case you haven't been here - Los Angeles is very hilly, unlike say Orlando or Baltimore that are flat. My house is probably about 50 - 75 feet above sea level, but paved roads are between me and the coast as well as enough distance. There is, however, some natural hill behind the house that separates me from the neighbors. It is covered in ample brush that should keep it in place *fingers crossed*.

Others are not faring so well. For example, parts of La Canada Flintridge and San Pedro are under mandatory evacuation orders. You can read about specific evacuation instructions here.

For information about evacuations in the Los Angeles area call 3-1-1 if you're local or (800)439-2909.

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa is also on Twitter with updates throughout the day. The hashtag #LArain also has information and links for more resources (among the cancellation and closure gripes).

In the city of Long Beach you can sign up for road closure email alerts here. The 710 and 405 have been quite flooded in this area.

For news on the storm from Ventura County all the way to the Mexican border click here.

Also, I just want to put out there that if anyone is concerned about a loved one that is in the Culver City/Marina Del Rey/El Segundo/LAX area please don't hesitate to let me know. This is my daily travel circle and I'm happy to check on your grandmother if you're worried about her. I'm washable, have rain gear, and an SUV.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday - January 20, 2010

What's wild about today? Probably not much. I've had my workout this morning and it felt great but I'm still just cranky. It happens. I'm sure the massive amount of rain we've had is contributing. You know, mold spores start growing everywhere and then I wake up with a bit of a headache. Waaaaa. Yeah, I know, thanks for listening anyhow.

Needless to say, my writing motivation is non-existent so why not visit some of my favorite online personalities today:

Stephanie Wei's blog is cracking me up today. I won't spoil it, just click the link.

If you need a laugh follow @NiceBallz on Twitter. Seriously.

I hope that I never end up on Your Daily Donkey unless I submit myself.

Mike at Ruthless Golf is spending a lot of time and effort on workout tips. He's really thorough so give him a look.

And finally, I can't stop laughing at, I mean, with my favorite Snow Barbie, Heather. She rocks!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Do You Care What You Wear?

Yesterday I happened to catch a conversation about style at the gym. One person remarked that their spouse was embarrassed with their appearance as they were leaving for the gym. They even had a picture to illustrate and it showed a navy blue top tucked in to black bottoms.


Now, I never really talk much about fashion but I am one of those that is a big fan of fashion, especially matching. This applies no matter if I golf, surf, hike, or engage in another activity. Honestly, I'm not terribly concerned about the opinion of others, I'm just a bit obsessive and like everything to be neat. Of course, I get accused of being obnoxious here and there since I'm not afraid to have a skull here and there. When I'm not engaged in sports or fitness activities I am the queen of vintage clothing.

How about you? Are you one of those, "I'm just going to the gym so I'll throw on a potato sack if I want" or are you more, "I like to look my best no matter where I go"?

Does it matter?

Monday, January 18, 2010

5 Questions: How To Stay Fit In Bad Weather

Here in Los Angeles we have nothing but rain in the forecast for this week. We're talking actual big drops and more than an inch or two, not the usual SoCal sprinkles. The forecast and my blogger bud Mike of Ruthless Golf inspired me to write today's 5 questions. My fitness goals are centered around surfing and golf so my questions will be heavy in those sports. Also, like my bud Mike, I must caution you before you follow my fitness advice since I'm not a physician, etc.

1. It's pouring rain, can I still go surfing?

Safely surfing in the rain depends on many factors. For some breaks this is a normal practice. For others, you're asking for trouble. Check Heal The Bay for water quality reports on the California coastline. Storm drain runoff can cause some icky situations in the water so check your area before you get in. More importantly, it's vital to stay out of the water if the waves are beyond your ability. Our forecast is for a monumental swell on Wednesday which probably also means nasty rip currents. Every time this happens someone gets hurt or killed, unfortunately. Check the forecasts, know your limitations, and stay safe.

2. Where can I golf in the rain?

There are actually places around L.A. that you can practice and play. Some ranges have covered stalls and do stay open in the rain but you should definitely call ahead before you drive out. We have an awesome indoor facility here that's a blast to go to as well.

3. What could I reasonably do outside in the rain for exercise?

Now, I am only speaking for SoCal but there are concrete trails along the coastline that are perfectly acceptable for jogging, running, or even brisk walking. Hiking in the hills is definitely not advisable since they'll be quite muddy and there is always the possibility of a landslide. If you can hang with it and have the right gear, I see the dedicated runners out all the time no matter the weather. I do know from first-hand experience that this is also possible in Hawaii and Florida. I can't speak for rainy days in any other part of the country. I can say that when it snows here the mountains are full of skiers and boarders - like I am sure they will be this weekend!

Although I do have a silly video of "surfing" today I really can't condone that behavior. Not that I wouldn't or haven't tried silly things like that but be responsible and be safe - not a bonehead like me.

4. How do you stay in surfing shape in bad weather?

In addition to keeping up with cardio, I've been doing upper body and core exercises. One of my latest additions to my routine is doing the paddling motion with my arms while holding a light weight in each hand. I'll mix that up with doing a side to side motion where I lean to each side with the weights in my hand and also a turning to each side motion. I do each of these for a count of 40 before changing to one of the others for a total of about 15-20 minutes.

5. How do you stay in golfing shape in bad weather?

Don't laugh because I said "golfing shape". One of my fitness goals is to increase my driving distance. The cardio and reps that I describe above certainly help with this as well as practicing my swing in the house. I usually use an extra shaft without a clubhead on it that or a smaller stick, each with plenty of room around me so that I don't break anything. In addition, bicep and tricep work is usually on the menu. When the weather is bad I tend to do a lot more cardio also since I get cabin fever in a matter of hours and have to burn up the energy I get from freaking out because there is no sun.

What do you do when the weather is bad to stay fit?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Are You Still Excited About Getting Fit?

So by now you surely must have read about my Twitter bud kokogirl and her Twitter Trim Up Challenge, right?

Whether or not you are taking part in that I just wanted to know how many of you are still excited about getting fit this year? Well, that is, if you made a resolution or goal or commitment to do so?

We're midway through January and I just noticed a few folks slacking off or even getting a very slow start.

I gave you one of my routines on Tuesday and I'm still going! Tuesday night I went to the driving range to work on goal number three (increase driving distance). It was a really great session as I was able to erase the memory of a disastrous round that I played over the holidays. Yesterday, I took a break for some recovery time. Even so, I kept to my eating habits that I committed to. This morning I was on the elliptical for 30 minutes on random at level 10. I've got to run off to PT so I'll catch another activity this evening, hopefully!

How's your fitness program coming?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Tales From The Inbox - January 14, 2010

Director Of Fandemonium
: and the NFL’s “Director of Fandemonium” search has been narrowed down to the final 6. Follow the link and vote for your favorite and you'll be entered for a chance to win Super Bowl XLIV.

Last Of The Season: The last regular season game for the Los Angeles Temptation is on Friday, January 29 versus the San Diego Seduction. They're playing at the Coliseum (yes, the very same stadium that USC plays in). Former "5 Questions" guest Michelle Jacot is leading the team in receiving and defense.

Shout Out
: I just want to acknowledge my Twitter bud Richard that runs Youth Sports Market. I got a box of free samples of some fun Red Lion socks that I'm sporting today. Thanks Richard!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday - January 13, 2010

: Fail is all I can say about the above video. I just don't get it.

Wear Blue: Today is Wear Blue For Oceans Day in support of a national oceans policy. Wear blue and upload your pic to the official website or Facebook page. Here's what this is all about from the organization's website:

"Our oceans, coasts, Pacific Islands and Great Lakes are not just places of wonder and beauty -- they provide valuable jobs, food, energy resources, recreational and tourism opportunities. Our ocean and coastal waters also provide habitat for an incredible array of fish and wildlife. These waters have been central to our way of life as a maritime nation for generations. Healthy oceans, coasts and communities represent our heritage and our future.

On June 12, 2009 President Obama created a 23-member Ocean Policy Task Force to develop a first ever National Policy for our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes. From August through November 2009 the Task Force hosted six public hearings around the nation (Alaska, the West Coast, the East Coast, the Pacific Islands, the Gulf Coast, and the Great Lakes) to gather public input on the need for a unifying National Policy for oceans, coasts and Great Lakes. Public support at all of these hearings was overwhelmingly positive and supportive.

Specifically a strong national policy would:

Enable agencies to better address water pollution problems;

Help to facilitate clean offshore energy, such as offshore wind turbines;

Design better and more cost effective coastal and wetland restoration programs;

Protect and restore natural areas to ensure healthy habitat for ocean and coastal fish and wildlife.

The Task Force's final report to the President should be submitted near the end of January 2010, and they need to hear from you, so take action and Wear Blue on January 13th!"

You can support Wear Blue For Oceans and the notion of protecting our coastlines regardless of who you support politically or who is in office. Let's all work together on this.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TTUC Routine - January 12, 2010

Being a part of the Twitter Trim Up Challenge makes finding something to post about every morning quite easy! I had a few questions after yesterday's post about my fitness routine so I thought I'd give you an example by sharing what I did this morning:

30 minutes elliptical - program = random - level 10
Yoga ball crunches - 20 reps x 3
Resistance band bicep curls (traditional)- 20 reps x 3
Resistance band bicep curls (side) - 20 reps x 3
10 minutes stretching - core, legs, arms

I'm a little rushed today so I had to cut things short. I'm off to PT this morning, another important component to my overall fitness. If I find time this evening, I may do 30 minutes on the stationary bike or get to the driving range as well.

I will keep posting my routines here and there but as I mentioned, please be careful if you try to do what I do and be smart about it. I can't be responsible for you so check with your health professionals first.

How's your routine coming?

Monday, January 11, 2010

5 Questions About My Fitness Routine

If you've been stopping by for the last few weeks you've noticed that I've been talking about the TTUC or Twitter Trim Up Challenge that my Twitter bud @kokogirl (Lisa) started up and has been blogging about.

Another social media buddy, Mike (Ruthless Golf), asked me to compile all of my previous posts when I post my workout routine and then others emailed me the same sentiment. Make sure you check out Mike's blog link if you're trying to get fit, he's had several posts about fitness lately. popular demand...

1. First, what are my fitness goals?

As Lisa wrote about recently, goals need to have specific characteristics or we will never attain them. She refers to SMART goals: specific, measurable, agreed upon, realistic, and time sensitive. I first wrote about my goals back on December 28 and how I was going to reach them:

1. Be able to participate in a 20 minute surf competition heat without being so winded that I feel like I am going to pass out.
a. Work on endurance by using elliptical trainer at least 4 times a week
b. Do exercises targeted to the upper body and core
c. Surf at least three times a week

2. Be able to paddle out into the 10 foot faces of my favorite swell and catch waves without taking a 20 minute break in between the two!
a. Work on endurance by using elliptical trainer at least 4 times a week
b. Do exercises targeted to the upper body and core
c. Surf at least three times a week

3. Consistently drive a golf ball 200 then 250 yards (right now I can get 225-240 once or twice a round).
a. Work on endurance by using elliptical trainer at least 4 times a week
b. Do exercises targeted to the upper body and core
c. Practice at the driving range at least twice a week

As you can tell, it all basically boils down to increasing my strength and endurance. I've given myself until the summer (around July) to meet these goals. At every opportunity I also visualize my goals and myself achieving them.

2. What happens if I get injured or sick? How do I modify my goals?

I wrote about injury recently and illness as well since it came up.

3. How do I eat to attain my goals?

The biggest change I have made in recent weeks is the removal of table salt from my diet. I wrote a post about it here. I also have some "rules" for eating that I've followed for quite some time:

1. Don't eat when not hungry
2. Stop eating when full
3. Don't add sugar to anything
4. Don't add salt to anything
5. If it wasn't food 200 years ago, it probably isn't food today
6. If it comes ready-made and frozen in a box, it probably isn't food
7. If it contains more than 8-10 grams of sugar don't eat it (total in what you are eating, not just a "serving")
8. Keep hydrated
9. Don't eat any dairy products whatsoever
10. Carefully read the label and truly understand what you are consuming if the case arises that you are going to consume any "processed" foods

4. What equipment do I have easy access to?

Fortunately, I removed all excuses of not having time to get to the gym many years ago. I invested in equipment at home and have an elliptical machine, stationary bike, Bowflex Revolution, crunch roller, exercise balls, resistance bands, and some free weights.

I also have surfboards, in-line skates, a skateboard, and plenty of golf clubs.

5. So what is my exercise routine?

I like to keep my routine anything but routine so I won't get bored.

Surfing: 3-4 times a week (average session is 2 hours)
Driving range: 2 times a week (50-75 balls in a session)
Hiking: 2 times a month (2-3 hours in a trip)
In-Line Skating or Skateboarding: 2 times a month (2-3 hours in a session)
Round of Golf: 2 times a month (walk 18 unless course requires cart use)

If there is some other activity I can get in like swimming, snowboarding, or whatever then I'll do that too. I also walk whenever possible, park at the very edge of a parking lot so that I'll have a farther walk to a destination, and take the stairs instead of the elevator when I'm going 6 or fewer floors. Moreover, for some months I will golf and hike more than twice.

3-4 times a week each:
30 minutes on elliptical
30 minutes on stationary bike
Arms: resistance bands 3 times a week; simulated paddling (as described in video at top), bicep curls (forward and side), triceps extensions, rowing
Legs: 30* leg extension, leg press, leg curl, leg lift
Core: crunches with roller and exercise ball; forward and side (for obliques); crunches with weight

Many times I'll mix in other arm and core exercises that I discover by moving the configuration around on the Bowflex. As far as days off, I will take a day off during the week but it is not necessarily the same day. Also, I will do arms and legs in the same day or stationary bike and legs in the same day. This is definitely not for everyone. I keep the "high reps, low weight" motto for the most part. That isn't to say that I won't work particularly diligently on one part of the body for one day's routine. I do try to put recovery time in there though. It's all really how I keep my routine from being boring by mixing it up.

** Here is an example of a routine for one day. **

Okay, I should really warn you about this routine also (Thanks again Mike!). I have never been able to sit still ever since I can remember. I was a very active child, involved in high school sports, and been going to the gym since my mid teens. If you are terribly out of shape or haven't exercised in a few years, I really don't think my workout is for you. Please be smart about your health and consult a professional before starting any routine. I can't be responsible for your actions and I am not a licensed professional.

Being smart about your health is also following physicians orders for injuries, visiting the physician in the first place when injured and for regular check ups, and visiting your dentist for exams and cleanings.

Okay, so what's your routine?

Friday, January 8, 2010

Feeling Lazy

I had big plans of writing a witty and informative post for you today and then hubby turned the television on to one of my favorite shows and former interview guests On Surfari. Now I am completely distracted and have to get my act together for an early meeting. Such is life.

I figured I'd at least leave you with a video that will make you laugh.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Golf Fitness

One of my fitness goals is to increase my golf driving distance and to keep it consistent. Yes, I need to work on my short game as well but the closer you get the ball to the pin means the less shots you have to take to get in. Right?

There are many sources for golf and fitness online and several books have been written on the topic. A couple of my favorite golf bloggers have some detailed information about fitness as it relates to golf in recent days:

Ruthless Golf

Orlando Golf Blogger

For now, my fitness routine focuses on cardio and upper body strength since the two sports I participate in most rely on it. A new piece that was just given to me yesterday is exercises to strengthen my knee. Fortunately I have the equipment at home to do everything. I've got to move a few things around and get the right plan together and I'll post my new routine soon and you can all flame it, make suggestions, tell me I'm doing it wrong, tell me you like it, or whatever.

What is your favorite source for golf fitness information?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday - January 6, 2010

When I Grow Up
: When I grow up I wanna be Travis Pastrana. Seriously. If I only had 10% of the nerve that guy has I would be the best surfer in the world.

NFL Shenanigans: I don't know about you but it will be a bit odd to see Mike Shanahan on the sidelines as the new coach for the Redskins. It's about as odd as an NFL team coming back to Los Angeles. Incidentally, this stadium is not even being built in the city of Los Angeles. Thanks a bunch USC for fighting to keep the NFL out of the Coliseum where it belongs. Jerks.

Glutton For Punishment
: I am. I have signed up for Fantasy Golf in a league run by my Twitter bud @SocialGolfers. What the heck was I thinking?

Today In Sports History

1994 - Ice skater Nancy Kerrigan is attacked because of Tonya Harding's jealousy/insecurity

Happy Birthday to Asante Samuel, Howie Long, and Nancy Lopez

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How To Stick To Fitness Goals When You Have A Cold

Yeah, as you can guess by today's title I am a bit under the weather. I'm not sure if I have a cold or am just feeling the effects of a massive wipeout that happened on Sunday. Hubby and I both had a flu shot this season but he was laid up last week. I thought I was in the clear but apparently not.

When we get sick or feel under the weather many of us tend to forgo our fitness routine and do whatever it takes to feel better, including eat the wrong thing. Here's a few of my rules for fitness when I feel a bit out of sorts:

1. Cold from the neck up = okay to do workout, chest cold = no workout
2. Drink as much water as possible
3. Don't use being sick as an excuse to indulge on comfort foods or overeat
4. Sriracha cures just about anything
5. A shot of tequila with fresh lemon or lime squeezed in it fends off sinus issues
6. Nothing beats a glass of 50% fresh OJ (not from a carton, FRESH) and 50% carrot juice

Here's a few of my favorite home remedies for colds or sinus issues:

Cyclone Cider

Equal parts: Sriracha, Tabasco, and Ponzu Sauce
Sprinkle in Japanese Pepper
Mix and ideally put in a dropper bottle - take 1mL as needed - keep refrigerated

My Soup

2 cups water
5 mini potatoes, sliced
1 large carrot, sliced
1/4 package baby portabella mushrooms, sliced
1/4 lb peeled and de-veined shrimp, precooked
Tapatio Sauce
Ponzu Sauce
Olive Oil
Japanese Pepper

Bring water and olive oil to a boil and add potatoes and carrots. After about 3-4 minutes reduce flame to medium and add Sriracha, Tapatio, Ponzu, and Japanese Pepper to taste. After another 5-7 minutes, add mushrooms. Let sit for another 5 minutes and add shrimp. Leave sitting until texture is to your liking (a few minutes). Throw it all in a bowl and YUM YUM! All times are approximate as are the spicy sauces. This is really easy to make to your own taste.

Disclaimer: I am not a physician, health professional, or anything of the sort. Follow my recipes and advice at your own risk. Seriously. I can't be responsible for your actions so get advice from your physician or other trusted professional before you try any of my fitness/eating advice. I'm just sharing some of the things I use to stay fit when I feel like dirt instead of overeating or taking a bunch of pills.

Monday, January 4, 2010

5 Questions Twitter Favorites - Golf

In case you missed these the first time I thought I'd consolidate a post about some of my favorite golfing Twitter friends that have been interview guests:

@PhotoBallMarker - 5 Questions With Photo Ball Marker

@MrBusinessGolf - 5 Questions With Scot Duke - Business Country Club Golf

@realwomengolf - 5 Questions With Real Women Golf

@Swingreminder - 5 Questions With Swing Reminders Golf

@OneEyedGolfer - 5 Questions With The One-Eyed Golfer

The invitation is open to all other golf folks on Twitter or otherwise. If you'd like to be a guest on 5 Questions please send me an email (click my profile link and you can get it from there).

Friday, January 1, 2010

Visualizing Goals

Although I'm under the physician's orders to stay out of the rougher surf for now it doesn't mean I can't at least watch others in it. Yesterday I spent a little time at one of my favorite more advanced breaks to keep my goals in sight. There are some really talented surfers out there on any given day like some of those I caught on camera above. That will be me. Soon. This year.

In the meantime, I'll be good about healing the knee and stick to the gentler breaks. The MRI was yesterday and I find out the results next Wednesday. I've been told that it could be something with the cartilage that could keep me out of the water for about 90 days. The bright side is that at least it's during the colder water months. That should be the worst case so keep your fingers crossed for me.

On a really exciting note, my five year old niece is dying to learn to surf. She's athletic, an awesome swimmer, and has nerves of steel. As soon as I can I'm going to get her out there and pass on the stoke. She's gonna rip!

So Happy New Year everyone! Have a great weekend, a great outlook for 2010, and may all of your goals be reached!