Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday Workout Motivation

A smarty-pants buddy of mine keeps insisting that I post specific songs that I like to work out to. They think the comments that ensue will be quite amusing.

Fine. "I likes what I likes" as another friend once said about their tastes.

One of the best workout songs ever in my opinion is this little number by Slipknot. Try not to be motivated when you're on the bicycle or treadmill and listening to this. Other songs that work are Sugar by Sytem of a Down that is in today's video and this awesome tune by Korn. Also, a list like this isn't complete without mentioning Slayer.

Are you sorry that you asked yet?

When I am surfing there is no music but I often wish that there would be a giant stereo playing the Growlers or Pennywise.

Yes, I have never grown up.

I grew up on Blondie and then the punk scene and remember the first Metallica album. During the day when I am working diligently I generally have techno or electronica in the background. Things are almost never silent around me, I am always listening to something.

Good daytime tunes that also work for resistance and weight training are Stanton Warriors, Cut Chemist, and Spank Rock.

I also absolutely love all surf music like Dick Dale, Ventures, and that entire period. I bet I don't need to link to those because you know who they are, right? I would really love to have some of that playing in the golf cart while I am on the course but there is that whole quiet thing with golf.

Okay, comment away.


Mike said...

I like KC and the Sunshine Band...
"Gotta boogie, man
And so I ran
Until I fell
Flat on my can..."

Apryl DeLancey said...

I definitely love me some disco! I usually have it on when I am cooking, cleaning, or generally blasting some fun tunes.