Monday, July 13, 2009

5 Questions With Swing Reminders Golf

Today's guest is retired USAF 1st Sgt. Scott Jessee. Scott is now the "vetrepreneur" behind Swing Reminders and Life Reminders. You can follow him on his blog or Twitter for great reminders about golf and life.

1. How long have you been involved in golf? What other sports have you been or are you involved in? What do you like to follow?

I started playing golf in 1984, started doing club repairs in 1986, and then started organizing tournaments in 1992. All of this while in the Air Force. I have coached little league and basketball, about 10 years each. I was assistant coach for Bisbee High School Golf Team 2006-2009. I follow The University of Tennessee, Bisbee High School sports, Indianapolis Colts, Duke Basketball, Arizona Diamondbacks.

2. To you, what is the most challenging aspect of the game of golf? What is the most rewarding?

The mental aspect by far is the toughest. The most rewarding is taking a kid who has never hit a ball and watching them develop and learn to play this great game.

3. When did you start "Swing Reminders"? What was your motivation and what keeps you focused to continue? How do you stay so positive?

Swing Reminders actually came to me in a dream on Nov 19, 2006 (read about it on the website). It took about 6 months to dream the idea, put it to paper, and then produce the actual tokens. My wife Julie is my biggest motivator, she keeps me grounded and focused on the future. I won't say I used to be negative, but maybe a realist. Julie and I met and it changed my whole outlook on life. How influential can you be if you’re negative all the time?

4. What golfing pros do you feel are good role models? Are there others outside of golf (or even outside of sport) that you consider a good role model? Who are your role models?

Jack, Arnie, Payne Stewart, Nancy Lopez, Kenny Perry (I played Kenny's course last summer on vacation, it was terrific.), and Buddy Allin (he was one of my instructors at SDGA, now GAA, and a Vietnam Vet) are good role models. Outside of golf would be Coach K. and Peyton Manning. I'd have to say God for my role model, even though none of us will ever meet his standards, we can certainly try as hard as we can.

5. What is your involvement in junior golf and how do you think the game benefits young people? Do you consider yourself a role model in this capacity?

I taught my first Jr. Golf clinic in 2004, and do about 3 clinics per year. I love working with the kids. I just started a Non Profit Jr. Golf program called Junior Golf of Cochise County, Arizona. We live on the Mexican border and there are a lot of things kids can get into that aren't very good. My wish is to provide golf to as many kids as possible. They are the future of this great game. I guess that makes me a role model. Julie says certainly, but I like to think that if it weren't me, somebody else would do it.


Lindsay said...

I'd say Scott is very much a role model for young kids. I also love hearing about someone who has an idea or a dream and actually sticks with it and makes it a reality.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I think so too! I'm glad you enjoyed the interview.