Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How Influential Are You?

Have you jumped on the bandwagon for one of the latest in social media experiments? Fast Company recently announced their 2010's Most Influential Person Online Project and dare you to give it a try by saying that "you're more influential than you think". By clicking the link in the previous sentence you'll add to my influence. While you're there go ahead and register for your own personal URL to spread and measure your influence. You submit a picture, name, and email address and you're off.

Apparently, the more "influence" you have means that your picture will grow larger on the virtual wall and your rank will reach closer to the top. Fast Company plans on having a complete spread with everyone's picture that participated in the campaign for their magazine's November issue.

I'm interested to see the result. Since they'll undoubtedly not get every single person that should participate to do so it won't necessarily be a measure of THE most influential person online. Rather, the most influential person online that chose to participate and post their link everywhere. Still, we can always learn something from these social experiments.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The Right Board Makes A Big Difference

I finally got back into the water this weekend after nearly a month without and it felt great! I really needed that. I kept up okay and was generally pleased with my sessions.

Since the last time I was in I have thinned out the quiver significantly. Well, by 66%. I used to have three boards and I'm down to one. The intent was to sell the two I was tired of and buy a very nice one with the proceeds. The sale of the two is complete (Thanks Rider Shack!) and now I'm shopping around for another.

The board I'm down to is a 6'8" epoxy that is considered a "fun" shape. It's a bit thicker than a "normal" short board, a bit rounder, and floats very well. There are several spots around me where this is the perfect board to use but many more where the summer mush requires something more substantial.

Yesterday I went to one of those mushier spots. Yes, I knew what I was getting into. I opted to give it a go rather than waiting to get in. I really didn't catch much with my board and ended up switching up with a friend for a few sets. That was awesome and a great time was had by all. The spot we were surfing was especially wonderful yesterday.

During the week I'll probably hit one of the spots more suited to the board I have left and continue the search for my perfect replacement. I'm really looking for something that is in the 7'6" to 7'8" range, about 22" - 23" wide, and close to 3" thick. You know, something that will ride just about anything around here.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

My Blog Is Boring Lately

Yesterday I took the day off and played nine holes with my little brother. I actually haven't seen him in a couple of years since he's moved out of SoCal. It was a blast. We're both lefties and it was quite a sight that gained the attention of the other golfers for sure. I guess you don't necessarily see two lefties playing together very often. We got the incredibly clever comment from one fella telling us we were playing on the wrong side of the ball. How original.

At any rate, little brother did really well. Well, both of us were stinking up the place overall but he's only recently taken up the game, had 3 lessons, and played 2 previous rounds. Neither of us were driving very well so we decided to drive a par 3 that was 184 yards. He had the most epic shot of the day and landed it right next to the pin. Seriously. He took pictures of it and it is now the background on his cell phone. On the next hole I decided that I had enough of crummy drives and really got a hold of it and got a bona fide 225 yard drive. Oh yeah, that made my day! We had a blast.

While we were hanging out he mentioned to me something I already know. My blog has been really boring lately. Yes, it has. I appreciate all of you readers sticking by me whilst I am out trying to get it together. It shall be boring no more from here on out. No more whining about being busy or needing to get things together.

Thanks for hanging in there!

P.S. No, I won't tell you the final scores. We really just stunk and had fun hanging out.

My Blog Is Boring Lately

Friday, July 23, 2010

I Hope JOB Is Good!

I saw this teaser for the Jamie O'Brien flick "Who Is J.O.B." the other day for the first time. I dig it as much as the last trailer I saw for sure. That leads me to ask how good the whole thing is going to be though. The teasers are two of my faves for sure so I hope I'm not disappointed when I finally do get to see the whole thing.

Happy Friday all and have a great weekend! I'll get to my mountain of email over the weekend and start answering some of the questions, posts, etc. you all have been so kind to send.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gotta Love "Up Next In Sports"

If you haven't checked out Up Next In Sports then you're definitely missing out in my opinion. This is another one of those goofy sites from the Cheezburger Network folks (you know, the people that brought you lolcats).


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Busy With Doo Dah & Rider Shack

Wow, what a day!

I actually had an easy time getting the hound to wake up and eat his breakfast at 4:00 am this morning. We got our act together and headed over to Sunset/PCH for the 8th Annual Doo Dah Surf. We manned (well, manned and dogged?) the raffle ticket table and had a great time. Gus even had a volunteer name badge. He was a big hit, not many people see a 130lb bloodhound every day. The photographer that put together the video above didn't get any of Gus but you can see me in my silly straw hat in the background in at least one pic.

Afterward, we stopped in to my favorite surf shop Rider Shack. They had their grand opening party today and the place was hopping. Yes, I even took the hound with me there. They were really, really good sports about Gus making a huge mess with the water bowl and even cooler when he decided to nap in the middle of the floor. They're great like that and that's part of the reason they're one of my favorite places to shop. The owners and staff are incredibly laid back and treat you very well.

We were beat at 2:00 pm, naturally, and came home to take a nap. Now we've ordered some Asian delivery and we'll probably be back to sleep early for the evening. Tomorrow morning I'll be returning to the surf myself. I've been out of the water for nearly three weeks since I had a pretty bad illness. I feel like I've dried out and can't wait to get back in.

Have a great rest of your weekend!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Doo Dah Surf This Weekend!

Come one, come all to the 8th Annual Doo Dah Surf tomorrow at PCH/Sunset. Put on a costume and get your surf on. Be sure to bring some extra cash for raffle tickets to win some sweet swag. All proceeds go to the Surfrider Foundation and this year's proceeds will go to one of the chapters affected most by the Gulf Oil Spill.

If you show up, come say hello to me and my giant bloodhound, we'll be working the table in the Surfrider tent.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

In The Meantime, Watch This...

I'm still in the process of getting my act together. There are some guest posts and other interesting information coming very soon. In the meantime, check out this video of surfer Clay Marzo. This young man is a pretty amazing athlete and has a story that is definitely worth a watch. If you don't believe that anything is possible, you should.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'll Miss The World Cup

Yes, I know I am behind on posting, changes, etc. I can't help it. Things haven't been going as planned for me at all the last few weeks. It happens. Things will turn around soon enough. We all have peaks and valleys.

In spite of illness, setbacks, and the like I have been keeping up with the World Cup. How can I not? Heck, the sound of the vuvuzelas doesn't even bother me one bit. I'm too enthralled with watching the games. Sure, some say it's boring and there isn't enough scoring but I find the Beautiful Game just that, beautiful.

As I sit an write this post the second half of the final game between Spain and Netherlands is just starting. No score so far although Spain seemed to threaten quite a bit. Although I've no particular loyalty to either team I am still quite excited to watch.

I can't wait for the next one and wish another was starting up next week.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just Had To Share This

I was watching my Twitter feed and clicked a link from a tweet that Wend Magazine had thrown up. It linked to their page with three surf videos, including the one I have posted above. I just had to share it since it is something that I see pretty frequently at the crowded breaks around here. It's amusing since the guy that originally caught the wave escaped essentially unscathed and the dude that drops in on him wipes out. Karma at work.

P.S. As I was writing this I thought I was getting a bit dizzy but it turns out we just had another earthquake. It lasted for quite a while it seems. I feel like the earthquakes that we've had in the last few years last longer than those I remember when I was a kid. Maybe it's just me.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Things Don't Always Happen As Planned

Hello world!

It felt great to take a break from the blog and engage in a bit of a tech detox. I had planned to spend time surfing, golfing, and generally relaxing over the last few weeks and had several days off from the day job. Unfortunately, things don't always happen the way that we plan them.

So not to bore you with every detail, my vacation ended up being one that I spent mostly bedridden and quite ill. It started on a Sunday night and was really bad. Last Tuesday, I attempted to go surfing but was too wobbly and weak. I did get in one really great vacation day in the midst of the horrible ones. Last Wednesday hubby and I walked 9 (a longer with many par 4s) and then played 5 games of bowling right after. Loved it! Other than that I've been in bed trying to get better. Fortunately there was good stuff to watch on TV over the holiday and I caught Jaws more than once (I never tire of that movie). I'm definitely on the mend now and taking it easy until I am completely recovered. To assure that there isn't a relapse I'm working in my jammies from my bed for the next two days.

Even though I was sick I didn't throw away all the work I have done with my TTUC fitness goals. No junk food or cheating from this girl. I definitely feel good about that.

The plan for the rest of the week is to recover completely and then concentrate on my blog revamping ideas. I've toyed with a few different formats but honestly may not make many changes. I'm torn.

Stay tuned.