Sunday, March 3, 2013

Product Review: Ellie - So In Love!

Okay, I am SO in love with the Ellie fitness wear line!  I recently received the two tops and leggings pictured above.

Why do I love them so much?  Let me break it down:

The sizing is fantastic!  I wear a jean size 27x32 and I have the leggings in small.  They fit perfectly and are long enough!  I've worn them running and for dawn patrol with Imma Uggs (fake Ugg boots since I'm not comfortable with the real ones).  Both occasions they were absolutely perfect and they look so good on!  The waist or ankles aren't too tight (as in uncomfortable tight) but yet they still fit without being baggy.  A perfectly awesome fit!

The shirts I have are just as awesome.  Soft, stretchy fabric that looks amazing.  The long sleeve has thumbholes so that you can pull the sleeves down (easily as well, even for my long arms) and the short sleeve looks so good on.  I got a medium in both since I've got my big surfer shoulders and usually wear a size 8 on top to fit them.  They fit perfect and are stretchy enough so they don't hang on the waist or look baggy.  Keep in mind - I am a total V-shape from swimming and surfing for my entire life.  My shoulders are definitely wider than my hips.  I don't recommend that you choose the same sizes unless you are similarly shaped or are naturally small.  If you're apple shaped with small shoulders you probably want to go the small or medium top with the medium bottom.  Don't frustrate yourself by getting sizes to small for you.  Feel good in what you wear and rock it!

I totally recommend getting an outfit once a month from the Ellie collection.  They look good, are functional, and have a great feel.  I use mine for running, yoga, skateboarding, or just early morning comfort on my way to surf.

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