Monday, March 3, 2008

5 Questions With On Surfari

If you are fortunate enough to have the Fuel TV action sports channel or National Geographic Channel , you've probably watched On Surfari. The show follows the travels of Shayne and Shannon McIntyre, who surf their way through the world and try to leave their audience with a lesson or two along the way. (Shannon is also the creator of exceptional surf art.) Regular viewers know that their fan base and surf family has grown over the years - first with their son, Banyan, and now anxiously awaiting their daughter, Coral. Although very busy with post-production, updating websites, and anticipating Coral's arrival, Shayne was gracious enough to take a moment for my 5 questions:

1. You guys clearly have one of the best jobs anyone could hope for - travel around the world with the family and surf. How did your show and this awesome opportunity evolve?

God. Shannon and I are firm believers in Jesus Christ as our Lord and savior, and look to the Bible for how to: live/work/be a family/treat others/etc. etc. We've both been Christians for a long time and our faith and trust in God has really given us the courage, patience, and wisdom to do what we do. You see the thing is - if you do things that will glorify God - He will bless it. Simple. There have been so many opportunities for us we don't have the time in the day to see all of them through...God's will and plan for us is so much better than ours.

2. I've seen you focus on family, faith, diversity, and philanthropy. What are the most important issues you would like your On Surfari viewers to take away from your work?

You’re very perceptive and I'm stoked you've seen all of the above in our show. I feel it's important to not only entertain but educate, inspire, and be a good example. Of course we would love our viewers to seek a relationship with their creator, see the family unit as a positive thing, accept and respect all races because we all came off the ark, and of course helping others - the one thing that really grips my heart - that I never feel like we do enough.

3. So truthfully, where are the best waves that you have surfed? What has been your favorite place to visit On Surfari?

Best waves surfed? Indonesia. Most memorable though: Russia. Favorite On Surfari - They're all pretty equal, Italy was a little cold though.

4. You seem to always have an excellent rapport and vibe with the locals wherever you go for the show. What advice can you give the rest of us about relations with new people and cultures?

Great question. I truly feel it's God inside of us. Once again I feel we all came off the ark so we are all related back to 8 people 4,400 years ago - we're family. I also believe God created everyone for a reason and loves everyone - so I should respect God's creation. So it's easy to make friends with people because they see we respect them equally. Advice - look at people the same way - always give people a chance, but also have your eye out for "bad guys" as my son likes to say. My Dad was a New Yorker so he made sure I could tell a bad guy from a mile away. I avoid bad guys like the plague, you can see it in their eyes, the way they walk etc...but to tell you the truth, it's rare I meet one, but then again we're not usually out past 9pm these days.

5. Where would you most like to visit that you have not had the chance to surf yet?

I'd love to explore more of Russia's East coast. And I would love to take a year and explore both coasts of Africa from end to end...the problem I have with both is - Russia takes a lot of planning and Shannon doesn't care to go, Africa I'm sad to say with the malaria, and unrest in some/most regions doesn't make it a safe place to bring my family at the moment. I'm truly sad about that. I mean we have a show called On Surfari and we haven't been to Africa yet- pathetic.

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Steve said...

Shane and Shannon totally rock! They tell great stories, they care deeply about the people they meet and the places they go. Glad to see them featured here (though I'm not sure about that departure date from Noah's Big Boat; THAT it happened is more important than WHEN it happened).

May God's blessings continue to flow through OnSurfari to people all over the world!