Monday, December 31, 2012

Make Your Goals and Resolutions for 2013!

If I could do anything in 2013 it would be to do that awesome jump that Felix Baumgartner pulled off - can you imagine?

Seriously though, I just wanted to throw up a quick post to wish you all a Happy New Year!  May you stick with your resolutions and goals for the whole year!

Hugs & Kisses!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Great Holiday Gift For Golfers (And Everyone Else) - Photo Ball Markers

Yep, it's that time of year again!  If you haven't checked out Photo Ball Marker yet then you need to!  In fact, if you click this link or the little ad on this page you get $5 off your order.

The picture above is one of the sets that they made for me a while back.  They've made me quite a few and I really LOVE them!  I've got some for friends too and they all enjoy them.

What's the deal?  You simply upload your photos to their site and choose if you want a hat clip, divot tool, etc. and wait a bit and then they come in the mail (they come pretty quick).  Super simple!  You get your ball marker with a picture of your choice and a great conversation piece.

Upload pics of your animals, kids, your school, etc.  It's really the perfect gift for any golfer - AND - now it's the perfect gift for anyone since they have necklaces, brooches, and key chains!  It's super cool because you can have 3 different pictures to interchange on whatever you get.

Besides being a cool gift, Ken & Char are super nice people.  They've been so good to me over the last few years.  When my sweet Gus passed away they sent me some PBMs of him.  They've sent me holiday PBMs also.  They're just cool peeps - the type you really want to support!  Buy some PBMs today!  Why not, you get $5 off with my coupon code!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Exotics by Tour Edge 2012 Fall Products

If you haven't tried any of the Tour Edge line you owe it to yourself as a golfer to do so. Headquartered in Batavia, Illinois and founded by David Glod in 1986, Tour Edge has been making industry-leading products beginning with the very well known Bazooka titanium woods. Not just for the more advanced golfer, Tour Edge offers everything from beginning sets for amateurs to the advanced player looking for the same clubs the pros play in their bags. Despite not sponsoring or paying the pros, Tour Edge has a very good showing on the PGA Tour.

Tour Edge has just released their new line of Exotics clubs for fall. The new product will continue on a history of offering unparalleled distance featuring their patented high-density steel body and a tungsten sole plate that are combo-brazed for the ultimate in power and forgiveness. In fact, their tagline is, “The absolute longest line-up in golf. Guaranteed”.

Tour Edge will improve on their already successful XCG line by adding a company first adjustable driver, the XCG6, utilizing “Shot Control Technology (SCT)”, which allows you to adjust four face-angle/loft settings to optimize launch characteristics for maximum distance and control along with two premium shaft offerings suited for players of all different skill levels. 


The XCG6 will be the longest Exotics fairway wood yet. The new XCG6 powerhouse design features a 15-3-3-3 beta titanium cup face, a high-density steel body and a tungsten sole plate that are combo-brazed for the ultimate in power and forgiveness. The larger 15-3-3-3 beta titanium cup face provides to-the-limit COR even on off-center hits. The new, high-tech, high-density, steel body is almost as light as titanium allowing more mass to be place in the heel and toe areas of the sole. A heavy tungsten sole plate puts 65% of the total club head weight in the heel and toe areas for a higher moment-of-inertia, reduced club head twisting and greater forgiveness. Boomerang face technology offers multiple levels of variable face thickness that maximize the spring-like effect from more points on the face. Considering the XCG5 fairway was responsible for the fastest ball speed by a fairway wood by the Guiness book of world records the new XCG6 should go down in the record books as well.

The hybrid delivers truly extraordinary performance. Featuring a more “pear-shaped” design than its predecessor, the hybrid boasts a maraging steel cup face and a tungsten steel sole and body. Maraging steel is used in the face over stainless steel because it possesses superior strength without losing malleability. As a result, the club face can be made thinner to launch the ball with less spin and at faster ball speeds.

The heavier, tungsten steel sole offers extreme heel and toe weighting that provides a high moment-of-inertia for reduced club head twisting and greater forgiveness. Making every shot easier to hit, the club has a shallow face height and more cambered sole that takes on difficult lies with ease. The XCG6’s hexahedron sole weighting moves weight back into the heel and toe areas further enhancing the playability of the club making it easy to hit, exceptionally long, and deadly accurate

Designed to make hitting great iron shots easy, the XCG6 iron features four tungsten sole weights in the heel and toe. Representing nearly 7-12 grams of each, the tungsten perfectly positions the club’s center of gravity to deliver easy-to-hit high-flying shots even on off-center hits.  The deep undercut cavity and perimeter weighting moves weight away from the face to the perimeter of the club head. These two features along with the tungsten weights produce a higher ball flight and enhance the club’s moment of inertia for remarkable forgiveness. Plus, the ultra-thin face design produces an extremely hot face and great feel.

Building on experience from previous iron designs the XCG6 iron set is highly progressive. Each iron is engineered for its specific task including center of gravity location, offset (progressive), face thickness, and top line thickness for a perfect blend of distance and accuracy.

You can get more info on their website here.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Win Tickets To The ESPN College Basketball Tournament

Oops - my apologies for not posting the entire month of October!  I didn't mean for that to happen!  

Check this out though, to make it up to you I have a great giveaway for you!  Check out this event/food drive:

The DIRECTV Classic is a collegiate basketball tournament held over Thanksgiving weekend  at the Anaheim Convention Center (across the street from Disneyland). There are games on the 22nd, 23rd, & 25th.  A single session (two game) ticket is $20, but bring a can of food for each person to the ticket booth for the DIRECTV Classic Food Drive and adults receive a 1/2 price ticket, and children under 18 get in for FREE!  Each person in your group must bring a can of food or non-perishable item.

The DIRECTV Classic is hosting a food drive in partnership with the Orange County Food Bank. The holiday season is a crucial time for all food banks throughout the nation and the DIRECTV Classic is proud to give back to the Orange County community during this time of need.   

The DIRECTV Classic is a men's collegiate basketball tournament with the top 8 teams playing November 22, 23, and 25. It is a great family-friendly event and everyone is welcome to join.  Game times and programs can be found here.

If you'd like to win one of 5 pairs of single-session tickets or a pair of All-Tournament passes all you need to do is send me an email at sportswriter chick(at)gmail(dot)com and let me know you're interested!  You need to send me your interest by November 19th and I'll notify the winners on November 20th!  

Spread the word and good luck!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Workout Wears Me Out!

I am so toast after my surf contest yesterday.  I'm usually sore but this one really took it out of me.  I had to surf a board that wasn't mine in really small waves.  This means I'm basically paddling for my life.  To top it off, I was in a heat with all guys, half of which were teens.  Yeah, this old lady had a hard time keeping up but gave it her all!

The more competitions I enter, the better I get.  I think I'm going to work with a coach a bit to try to improve.  Back in the day I was so much better.  Age and injuries are taking their toll and I need some help.  No excuses, it just happens.

Thanks to ZJ Boarding House for the fun event yesterday!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tommy Hilfiger Golf - Preppy with a Twist (Review)

I was sent a couple of Tommy Hilfiger collection samples for review and here is my opinion:

First off - BRAVO!  I am so excited that these shirts are long enough!  I am so tired of women's golf shirts that are super short and show off your midriff when you swing.  Seriously, I am not playing golf to show off my stomach.  I want to be comfortable and have clothes on that cover me, are comfortable, and wear well.  This line does that!  The collection features an assortment of fits accommodating the freedom of movement required in the back swing and longer polo lengths stay firmly tucked during play.

For the Tommy Hilfiger golf collection, the design philosophy of bringing a fresh perspective to Classic American Cool styling was adhered to and the result is a collection true to the Tommy Hilfiger heritage and true to golf. Making this brand appeal to the golf consumer meant designing a line that truly displays golf sportswear that can be worn on and off the golf course.

As golf has evolved over the centuries, so has the apparel worn for golf. Traditionally a cotton driven category, golf wear has followed suit with the emergence of the vast variety of technical apparel that now has a strong place in the golf market. To be a true player in this category, an approach of bringing technical fabrics to this collection was imperative. The end result is an offering that features strong Classics essential for any golf wardrobe and an assortment of Fashion Collections that truly deliver “Preppy with a Twist” to the fairways and greens.

The shirts look good on me and the cut of the sleeveless doesn't make my surfer shoulders look like a linebacker.  To sum in up in 3 words: flattering, comfortable performance.  I think you all know I'm definitely NOT a preppy but these styles still look good on me!  Don't listen to Will Ferrel in the video above, be fashionable and wear Tommy!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keeping Fit And Healthy This Winter With Indoor Sports

Winter is surely the least loved of the seasons. Waking up to grey skies, sleeting rain, and biting wind, watching your energy bills go through the roof, and enduring three months in a duffel coat that makes you look and feel like the Michelin man. There’s not much to love about the cooler months. Many people also lament their reduced motivation to keep fit, and the less than lovely body that accompanies a decrease in exercise. ‘I just can’t face going for a jog in that arctic cold’ is often offered as an excuse for abandoning exercise.

But winter needn’t spell the end of a good fitness regime. In fact, winter is the perfect time to explore the benefits of indoor sports. Indoor soccer, for example, provides the dual benefits of an extremely enjoyable, fast paced and social game that also increases your all around fitness. Indoor soccer works on your speed, power, endurance, agility, and leg strength. It’s an incredible cardiovascular workout, too. Moreover, an indoor sport such as soccer will relieve you of that ‘it’s just too cold to exercise’ excuse. Companies like Aussie Indoor Sports have various sports and recreational centers. 

Indoor sport will also go a long way to keeping the dreaded cold and flu at bay this winter. By staying active, you’ll be enhancing your immune system function and maintaining good energy levels - so important at a time of the year when getting out of bed can feel like too much effort. Exercise helps your immune system in myriad ways. When your heart rate goes up, the white blood cells - the most essential component of your immune system - circulate more quickly around your body, helping your body to swiftly react and launch its defence against infection.  Sweating helps to eliminate many of the body’s waste products, leaving you less vulnerable to infectious agents that may be circulating in your body.

This is a sponsored post not written by me.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Oxford Golf: Beautiful On And Off The Course - Review

I was recently sent a Susan Sleeveless Polo from Oxford Golf for review.  I immediately fell in love with the name of the color, "coral sea"...of course!  Here's the official description that I was given:

This polo has a “heathered” cotton fabric, giving it the look of texture without adding any bulk or taking away from the softness of the shirt. This polo's fabric is Super Dry® wicking and anti-microbial, making it a go-to shirt whether on the course or going for a walk around the neighborhood. All of the ladies’ sleeveless polos also have bra strap holders on the inside of the shirt sleeves. These ingenious clips keep bra straps from shifting during play. Amazing.

Yes, the bra strap holders are amazing for sure!  I absolutely HATE IT when my straps are showing and this top took that into account and solved it!  That is win number 1.  I seriously cannot get over the bra strap holders.  Win number 2 is the wicking fabric!  I played 18 last week in it and never looked all wet and funky.  The whole design of this shirt was really thought out, even the length.  I just love when I don't have to show off my entire midriff when I swing.  This shirt is long enough for my 5'10" frame, yet still flattering for the more petite ladies.  I mean seriously, I'm not trying to put on a show while I am playing golfing (regardless of what you gents think).  In addition it never stuck to me and got uncomfortable.  Do yourself a favor ladies and check out this style.  Super soft bra straps has it all.

I wore this with a black Antigua skort and got lots of compliments.  This pinkish color will work on brunettes like me or my fair-haired golfing sisters.

Take a look at Oxford Golf and the Susan Sleeveless Polo - we still have plenty of warm days left in the summer to wear it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Healthy Eaters Are Snobs

Yeah, this is one of those "ironic" titles.  

I'll admit it.  I am a chronic "healthy eater".  I have been my whole life.  Somehow I am missing the chocolate gene.  Cakes, cookies, and donuts don't sound appetizing and I'd rather have dry mouth than drink soda...

...but it's none of my business what you eat.

I do get annoyed when non-healthy eaters freak out on my food.  Nobody's judging you where I'm sitting so please don't tell me my food smells or looks disgusting.


...around where I live there are many, many great "healthy" options to eat.  Raw, vegan, name it.  I started to frequent a raw, vegan restaurant near me and totally enjoyed the food.  The part I didn't like was that all of the servers acted like they were doing me a HUGE favor by taking my order.  They were the most aloof, apathetic bunch I had encountered in quite some time.  I brushed it aside and kept calling in my orders and then picking them up.

One day I decided to eat in.  It was an overcast, slightly windy day in Santa Monica and I needed a break from the office.  I went in to be seated and they told me I would have to sit outside (in the cold) or at the bar (which is close to the floor and awkward).  There were tables free in the main area with plenty of singles sitting at them.  I asked for one and was told no.  It was 1:20 pm.

I had an exchange with them on Facebook & Twitter.  They told me that if I wanted to sit in the main dining room that I would have to come before 11 am or after 2 pm.

I'm not sure what it was about me that I couldn't sit in the main dining room.  Oh well.  I'm done with this place and it seems to me that they should be a bit more apologetic or at least a bit kinder to their locals.  This is a pricey, trendy place that may or may not have a long shelf life.

At any rate, when in Santa Monica, avoid Planet Raw.

How many chances do you give someone that gave you bad service?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Product Review: Gold Toe

I was recently sent a 3 pack of Gold Toe Soft Wear Liners for review - not the colorful trio depicted above but simple, classic white.  Liners are great in my opinion since they're lightweight and have a low profile.  These in particular are 96% polyester, 2% nylon, and 2% spandex.  I decided to test them out in very different conditions: skateboarding, running, and golf.  I wear a size 9-9.5 in shoes and tried out the sock size 9-11.

Skateboarding: I wore them with Vans and the fit was great.  The cut worked great to where there wasn't any rub on the back of my heel.  There was no annoying seam on the toes issues.  In fact, I didn't even notice them.  To me, that's the most telling sign of a nice fitting sock/liner: you don't even realize they're on your feet.  Therefore - skateboarding test passed!

Running: For this I tested the liners with adizero Rush running shoes.  Again, these fit so that there was none of the annoying rub against the back of my heel and no toe seam issues.  Running test - passed!

Golf: I wore the liners with a pair of Kikkor Golf shoes during a short game lesson.  Yet again, the performance met my demands and exceeded my expectations.  Golf test - passed!

Overall I would recommend this brand to others that participated in the above activities and beyond.  I did also wear the liners just out and about so I can honestly say that they are comfortable and functional for nearly every activity level.  In each condition they felt lightweight and soft.  You can get some for yourself on the Gold Toe website here where they have some other new summer offerings: the Ultra Soft Liner or the Sport Liner.

Have you tried these?  Do you have a favorite sock/liner for your sports?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Get Golf Ready This Summer!

I jumped at the chance to take part in the Get Golf Ready program this summer.  Here's the description I was sent:

"Golf season is here and several facilities in the Southern California area are hosting Get Golf Ready – a program designed to bring adults into the game in a fast, fun, affordable manner. Get Golf Ready is a series of five lessons designed to make beginner golfers more comfortable out on the course, while developing basic skills of the game for a lifetime at prices starting at $99 (varies by facility).  Five 90-minute lessons from PGA Professionals would cost an average of up to $675, so Get Golf Ready programs offer a huge discount.Facilities continue to add dates, so for the most updated list of programs at facilities near you, visit"

Wow, sounds like a great deal to me - $99 for 5 lessons?  Sign me up!  (Full disclosure: I did not actually pay for my lessons in case you were wondering.)

I opted to take lessons at Westchester, near LAX.  If you haven't been there they've recently redone the driving range for the better and it's fantastic!  Anyways, I missed the first class which I really, really need (putting) but I hope to catch it in the next cycle.  My lessons started with chipping.  Perfect!  My short can only be described as utterly atrocious!  

Guess what?  I had an epiphany and figured it out!  Thank goodness.  Now I just need to take that to the course.  Lynn, my instructor, fixed my grip and helped me figure out how not to swing so darn hard.  It's been difficult to try to tone down my swing.  

I've spent years at the driving range with hubby where it's always a driver party.  In addition, a wise man once told me that your short game doesn't have to be great if you get it really close to the pin.  On top of that, surfing almost every morning has made my upper body strength quite good for a lady.  All of that together means that the driver is my best club.  When I play with my girlfriends we always play best ball and we hit from my drive (and 3 wood shot subsequently if it's a par 4 or 5) and then they get us through to the rest.

How to do it?  Choke down on the club.  So simple.  It totally worked.  I had some doozies and even got one in the hole from about 30 feet away.

The following week was pitching.  Yep, I needed that too.  I got to the lesson, got out my pitching wedge, aimed for a flag that was 80 feet away, and went to it.  Lynn came by and said, "That's great Apryl, now how about some 30 to 40 footers."  Busted.  It took a minute but then I figured out the same thing, choke down on the club.

So far, so good!  I can't wait for the rest to get my swing tuned up.  I would highly recommend getting golf ready this summer,"  The group environment is great and there are golfers of all levels trying to improve (although, mostly beginners).  Go here to find a program near you!  

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunice Spring & Summer 2012

Sunice has recently released their womens Spring & Summer fashions for the course.  The line uses a great new technical fabric called X-Static®.  Pure is silver bonded to textile and it provides for thermal conduction and reflection, moisture transfer, anti-microbial, and anti-static.  

Here is the info from the company’s press release about the fabric: “By permanently bonding a layer of pure silver to the surface of a textile fiber, we are able to offer golfers the benefits of pure silver. The performance of this garment will not wash away.  X-Static® visible technology (you can see the silver fibers in the shirt – evident by looking at the backside of the shirt) offers performance features incomparable to any other moisture wicking collection.

In warm weather, when conduction is the primary means of heat transfer, X-Static® enhances the body’s natural actions by accelerating the conduction from the body. Apparel without X-Static® technology would simply be a barrier to heat conduction. Silver is the most thermally conductive element on the planet. X-Static®, therefore, works quickly to evenly distribute and transfer heat through the product.

X-Static® enhances the natural movement of moisture through hydrophobic materials by using evaporation. When X-Static® is placed in a moist environment with another hydrophobic material; 

The anti-microbial characteristics of silver prevent the growth of bacteria therefore eliminating potential odors.

X-static® fabric will dissipate electrostatic charges allowing the garment to move more freely and not stick to your body or another layer."

In addition to function, the new looks are very modern.  Sunice has really updated their offering and provided some great pieces that aren't the least but frumpy.  For example, look at this polo:

I absolutely love the flattering, feminine look of this!  There's more though:

I'm a big fan of the pink - simple, yet elegant.  The white with the purple cuff and gathering around the buttons is super cute also!  Finally, here's an outfit that I'm dying to get:

The polo has an almost surf-inspired look to it (and we all know how much I love that) and the bottoms are my favorite length (not to mention the plaid is awesome).  I would totally rock this look at my upcoming tournament.

Check out Sunice's latest here:

Monday, May 14, 2012

BlenderBottle Review And Giveaway

Recently I was sent a BlenderBottle SportMixer to review.  I do have a protein shake every now and then but more often fresh juice or just plain water.

The details: “Our aim at BlenderBottle is to encourage healthy lifestyles by making it easier for people to stay hydrated, as well as mix healthy drinks on the go,” said Steve Sorensen, inventor and CEO of BlenderBottle. “With the BlenderBottle SportMixer, we have taken the water bottle to the next level. Busy people can stay hydrated with water and then simply add their nutritional or meal replacement ingredients, drop in the patented BlenderBall wire whisk, and shake.”

Well, the BlenderBottle SportMixer worked as promised.  I put in my water and powder, gave it some shaking, and it was ready to drink - lump free.  Loved it!  When I'm not using it for protein shakes (which is most of the time) I use it for my morning juice (that I make in my juicer) and then later rinse it out for water throughout the day.  I also really like the loop at the top that makes it easy to carry.  

The BlenderBottle SportMixer is leak-proof with ounce and milliliter markings for easy measuring. It is dishwasher safe and is available in a variety of colors.  The BlenderBottle SportMixer is available for purchase in both a 28-ounce and a 20-ounce mini version. The 28-ounce BlenderBottle SportMixer has an MSRP of $14.99, and is available at stores nation-wide as well as online at

Want to win one?

All you have to do is send me an email at sportswriterchick(at)gmail(dot)com and tell me what you're going to use it for.  Continental U.S. addresses only please.  Want an extra entry?  Follow me on Twitter @womenlikesports and make sure you tell me in your email what your Twitter handle is and that you are now following.

Winner will be chosen at random and notified on Monday, May 21st.

Good luck!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Spring And Summer Women's Golf Apparel From Antigua

It's that time again ladies!  Yes, it's time to get some cute new golf clothes for the warmer weather!  I was sent some samples from Antigua to review.  As you know, when I'm not at the beach being Surf Betty then I'm on the golf course as much as possible.  When I play, it's usually the full 18 with some friends of mine that also love the game (and love a good time).  It's important that what I wear is not only comfortable, but also does not inhibit my game.  Looking good is a definite plus as well.

I tried out a few pieces and here's how they worked for me:

Lyric sleeveless polo (above): I was a bit worried that this would make my surfer shoulders look huge because of the cut.  Not so!  The fit is not only flattering but I don't look like a linebacker in it.  The feel is quite comfortable and I move really well in this.  The design doesn't interfere with my golf swing at all and the armholes aren't tight at all and aren't up too high like a lot of sleeveless polos that I've seen.  Adding an inch or two to the length is the only thing I would change to this piece, but then again I am 5'10" so the length works great for most all of the golfing ladies I know.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not showing off stomach at the end of my swing or anything and it won't stop me from wearing it.  The details:  100% polyester Desert Dry™ Xtra-Lite D2XL moisture management jersey yarn-dye pattern stripe sleeveless polo with 5-button placket, solid insets and flat knit collar and armholes.   The Antigua branding is at the back yoke.

Adore short sleeve polo (above):  Another cute cut (look at that neckline!) with a great fit.  Easy to move in, breathable and light, this really looks great on.  Again, this doesn't interfere with my swing and is so comfy.  The name really says it all for me, I adore this top.  Really, both of these pieces are so effortlessly stylish.  The details:  100% polyester Desert Dry™ Xtra-Lite D2XL moisture management jacquard mesh pattern knit short sleeve polo with contrast color keyhole placket with single button closure, contrast cover stitch detail and tipped flat knit collar and cuffs.  The Antigua branding at the back yoke.

Entice skort: I can't rave about this skort enough.  I absolutely love the stretchy, easy to move in fabric.  Even better is the length!  I love how it doesn't look like I'm wearing a micro-mini like others that I have tried.  The cut will look great on a variety of sizes.  The fabric moves really well and - again - doesn't interfere with my game.  The details: 96% polyester/4% spandex Desert Dry™ moisture management woven satin twill stretch woven under short, hook/eye and zipper side seam closure, back slit, front hip pockets and right back welt pocket.

The word from this company is that, “Antigua has always wanted to appeal to the average female golf customer.  Our last few collections have been extremely successful in that sense, so why would we want to mess with success?” says Danielle Dellios, Antigua’s Women’s Senior Designer. “…by offering an updated color assortment & fresh looking styling we can continue to be current without going overboard”.  I agree - these styles appeal to the 'average female golf customer" and to hardcore surfers that golf a lot like me!

Here's a few more pics of some of the latest in the collection:

You can check out these styles and more at the Antigua website.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Not Ready For Competition

So I thought that by now I would be much farther along...meaning that I would be ready for more advanced surf competitions in July.

That isn't happening.

It's mostly mental, but I've had a bad winter.

It started about 2+ months ago.  I was in the water on a pretty big day.  It wasn't the size that was the issue, it was the current and the power behind the wave.

I saw this outsider that was a pretty big bomb.  I paddled my @$$ off to get over it.  I did.  There was one behind it.  I didn't make it over that one.  I tried to punch through the top of the wave but...instead...I was thrown violently backward and then into the washing machine.

My contacts came out.  This doesn't happen all that often since I have the immediate reaction to close my eyes once I hit the water.  This time though, I was spun around and the water hit me from all directions.  My vision is really bad so after that I could only see the wall coming toward me.  I hadn't lost my board at this point but I was getting worn out.

The next wave came and my board was gone from my grasp.  I was on my short board with the comp leash so the lightweight nature of it all left me unsure of whether it was all still attached to my left ankle.

It was!

I managed to grab it but there was another wall coming.  This time I went through the cycle but I managed to hold on to my board.

I'm pretty blind at this time and I was calling out to the shapes I could see in the distance.  I recognize a friend that I surf with on a pretty regular basis.  I call out.  He tells me, "you're fine", and paddles away.  I wasn't fine.  However, I was making my way in and after a few more of holding on for dear life I managed to pull myself on top of my board and ride in a monster on my stomach...barely able to see and exhausted.


Yes, myself and many of my friends give the "friend" who left me hanging a hard time (to say the least).  What is even more awesome is that there are a group of 10+ guys that I surf with every day that hang back for a minute to make sure I'm okay if it looks like I took one on the head.

I'm set back a little.  No worries.  I'll do my fun summer contests and then get 'em next year!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fun Fitness Gear Giveaway

Hey everyone, I've got a fun giveaway for you today.

Vanessa, the mind behind Ruffles With Love  is giving away one of her cute fitness shirts.  I asked her to tell me about herself and she said:

"I started early this year in January and I had the idea to make workout shirts with fun, motivational sayings that had to be bright, fun, but still have some girl in them (hence the bows in the back). My fiance and I work together closely on the company - he helps with the phrases and I am the creative mind behind the colors and style and the labor. I for one get motivated if I have something cute to wear while working out.  I also like the idea that just because you work out doesn't mean you're manly because you can still look cute doing it. I am getting married in November (which is how some of the marriage quotes came about) and knew I would have to be at the gym a lot.  The shirts gave me a reason to want to go to the gym.  Aside from that my favorite thing is bows! I would put them on everything if I could (and I have tried trust me)! I tried to come up with a style that would appeal to any girl, bright bows, cute, and has something motivating on the front. I also coach soccer and I get used to seeing the same boring workout shirts for women so I decided to mix it up a little! "

I love her story!  So check it out, Vanessa is giving away one of her cute workout shirts to a reader.  All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me your favorite shirt.  The contest will end Monday, May 7, 2012 at midnight PST.  You have until then to find a shirt here and leave a comment below.

Check out Ruffles With Love's Facebook page here.

Here's to staying fit after the wedding vows!

Good luck!