Friday, September 2, 2011

Gettin' Schooled

I just had to point out a few times where I was recently in the lineup and a few younger surfers thought they would send me to school.

First, a very young teen that I was most definitely old enough to be his mother thought he would paddle into my wave. I was in position but he came over as fast as he could to try and cut me off. Of course, I stood up and rode that left like I meant it. It was a great ride.

Last week it happened again. I went to my local spot and went to a spot away from the crowd a bit. This time two young girls paddled up on either side of me in the lineup. I was stoked to see other girls out there. I nodded and said good morning but they ignored me and paddled into my wave. Nice. The funny thing was that it was a bit rough for one and she had to get out. The other tried to snake me on a left (and I'm goofy so watch out when you try this) and I took it without a problem. She only stayed in another 10 minutes also.

In the crowded summer months a little etiquette goes a long way. Nobody likes a snake and nobody likes a wave hog. I was especially offended because both of these incidents happened at the spot I go to every morning and I had never seen these kids before. I happily welcomed them and they thought different. Sad.

Just remember one thing you would-be snaking youngsters - one day you'll be the older surfer in the lineup.