Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Inbox Mixed Bag Compilation

Before I go any further - VOTE FOR MY DOG PLEASE. I would really appreciate it. Thank you!

I'm so honored
that Danielle Tucker asked me to be a part of her Golf Club Radio Show tomorrow. Danielle's a really cool chick that you can follow on Twitter as well as listening to her every Saturday morning. You can listen online starting at 7:00 am HST (she's in Hawaii). Look at her archive for previous guests and you'll see why I am so honored.

UPDATE: Everyone please wish the best for Hawaii, they're under a tsunami warning right now that is expected to hit them in a few hours. Danielle called me at 4:00 am PST to let me know that she had to get on the radio and start warning people to evacuate the coast. Please wish her and everyone on the islands the best. More info here.

On to fitness
- If you've been by here at all this year you will have noticed how focused I have been on my personal fitness goals. I received an excellent link that complies marathon and half-marathon training plans. Completing a marathon is definitely on my "bucket list" and I hope to get to my first one in October. I know, I want to do everything. I get it.

Did you know
that in spite of a ruling by the Canadian government that the practice was overtly sexist that women's ski jumping was not allowed at the 2010 Olympic games? It seems very silly to exclude women from this event, doesn't it? Check out today's video and then go here for the details and what you can do to take action on this issue.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday On Thursday Again

It happened sometime last year when I got my days mixed up. Today's Wednesday on Thursday is flat out a case of WAY too much on my plate. More than the usual too much.

People who are close to me know that I look and act much younger than I really am. This I attribute not only to wonderful genes, but paying attention to taking care of myself for many, many years.

My focus since @kokogirl started her Twitter Trim Up Challenge has been to really, seriously, honestly stop neglecting some health issues that have creeped up and plagued me over the last decade.

First, those pesky bulging discs: over the last decade the knot and pain in my right shoulder has gone from nagging to prohibitive. It was causing my golf game to really suffer not to mention it made paddling a short board a big challenge in all but the gentlest surf. Until January, physicians have just thrown pills at me and sent me to mediocre physical therapists that wanted to watch me do exercises that I could be doing at home (and did). Now, I have found the most wonderful sports med doc (that surfs and golfs) that has given me actual treatment (cortisone shots) and sent me to a hands-on therapist that is absolutely remarkable.

There have been a few other minor things here and there but I won't bore you with all of the details.

Let me just tell you how awesome it is to sleep though the night and wake up ready to go. No more waking up at 3:00 am because my neck is killing me. No more drowsiness after lunch and dragging through the rest of my day. I feel quite wonderful. In fact, I think I feel several years younger.

The point is that you may find me a bit boring from time to time nowadays or I could almost forget to post something up one day. It's just a consequence of really focusing on taking care of myself, my health, and my fitness goals.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday Took An Unexpected Break

It happens! Things are quite crazy this week! I promise to post a WWOW on Thursday when I wake up in the morning.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Time To Complain About The Dodgers Again

I woke up this morning to my local news telling me about the continued baloney that we've had to but up with since the McCourts bought the Dodgers. Awesome.

Ticket prices are going up again AND they are going to charge more for Friday and Saturday games than other days of the week. Great.

They claim that this has nothing to do with the McCourt divorce. I'm not sure I buy that one. However, they did say - according to the Channel 4 News - that there "is room" to raise prices since they are fairly reasonable and there is a substantial fan base. Basically, they admitted to what I knew all along - they are going to attempt to bleed every dollar out of fans since there are so many of us.

Sure, it's a smart business decision. The owners are in business to make money.

As a lifelong fan I'm near the breaking point. As it is, I didn't buy any new Dodgers apparel last year for the first time in many, many years. This may not sound like much but let's take a moment to understand this. I buy at least 2-3 shirts and a sweatshirt or jacket every year. My husband also gets at least 2-3 shirts every season. We usually purchase these from the Stadium while attending a game. However, the only game I attended was during the playoffs when I was generously given a ticket by someone. We each had 2 beers and I had a pretzel. Instead of my usual cash drop of a several hundred (or well over $1K) bucks a year, I only purchased 2 beers and a pretzel. My lack of spending was not because of the economy, by the way. I was absolutely holding back in disgust.

I know they don't care because there are more fans that seats at Chavez Ravine. The team has record attendance year in and year out so they are seeing how far they can push the fans.

The icing on the cake was Manny announced that this is his last year with the team and he wants to "enjoy himself". I'm guessing this means more feigned attempts at catching a ball, strikeouts, and general lack of hustle that we were all exposed to last year. Sweet.

Looks like I'm just gonna go play some golf or surf. It'll be a crappy season for the Dodgers.

Monday, February 22, 2010

5 Questions To Get You Ready For Football!

Yes, it is that time again - time to start thinking about the IWFL and WFA seasons. Here are links to some of my player interviews to get you back in the mood:

1. Wendi Kali, Portland Fighting Fillies. Wendi also has her own blog that chronicles her ups and downs as she trains for the season.

2. BJ Coletta, Women's Football Talk Host. Barb is part of the awesome team that brings the premier location for everything women's football radio.

3. Amanda Garcia, Southern California Breakers. I still remember the first time I met Amanda. She half-sarcastically asked me if I was going to interview her. So I did. Since then I've watched her do some serious crushing of the opposing teams to her Southern California Breakers.

4. Michelle Jacot, Southern California Breakers. Michelle is the living proof that Lingerie League girls really can play full-contact football.

5. Joy Barry, Southern California Breakers. Joy's rookie season with the Breakers was amazing. Prior to last year she had only played in men's leagues.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Betting On The Olympics

This post was supported by bodog.

Yes, Olympic betting is the topic today. Come on, either you or someone you know has bet someone at one time or another over sports. Think about it - an office pool, a casino, or even a friendly $20 between friends. We see it all the time, especially during major sporting events.

My favorite bets are the ones that involve something like having to eat something yucky or address the winner as "The Master" if you lose.

But seriously, there are plenty of odds on Olympic betting if that's your thing. Don't tell me you've never thought about making a bet on something that you thought was a "sure thing"!

Thanks for the pictures of Vancouver, Nadia!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Curl It Up!

Since the last Winter Olympics, I've been absolutely fascinated by the sport of curling. It seems as though I am not the only one in Southern California as clubs have sprouted up since then as well. I found one in Simi Valley and one in Hollywood. I'm definitely going to hit one of the upcoming clinics and give it a try for myself.

Olympic Curling has grabbed the spotlight much more this this time around it seems. The Norwegian team has been making fashion statements. Team Canada showed the world that one can be pregnant and an Olympian at the same time. Unfortunately, Team USA hasn't fared so well in these Olympic games. Both men's and women's squads have lost more rounds than they have won.

I won't even try to explain the rules or strategy for curling since I am still learning. I did find this link that has plenty to read to help get you up to speed.

Have you ever tried curling?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday - February 17, 2010

Did You Notice: I was so busy watching the Olympics that I barely noticed the NBA All-Star Weekend. Apparently, I was not the only one. Oops.

Don't Give Up, You're Still Young: Lindsey Jacobellis didn't get her gold medal yesterday but I believe there is still hope. The famous trick in 2006 happened when she was only 20, which makes her 24 now. The next time the games come around she'll only be 28. I don't care who you are, that isn't too old to compete. She's a world-class athlete, she can do it! Don't give up Lindsey! If I were you I'd be even more determined and come back to handle business in 2014. You can do it!

And as a totally unrelated request - please vote for my Gus in the Spay Day 2010 Online Pet Photo Contest. THANK YOU!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Regaining Confidence

Throughout my life I have memories of trying to overcome hesitance in one sport or another which usually came from a misstep of some sort. Yesterday I talked about how tough it was for me to actually pull off a back handspring in gymnastics but how I managed a double axel on roller skates. It took a bit for me to figure out that I wasn't cut out for gymnastics but could skate like nobody's business. In addition, it became clear that water sports came naturally to me. I taught myself how to swim in one afternoon at my cousin's pool and then even made my high school swim team years later without even one hour of formal instruction. Basically, when I was a kid I could do any sport that I decided to play. Tennis, track, basketball, and even football with the boys also came to me without the "hard work" or "sacrifice" that one attributes to playing sports.

Then I got older.

A couple of months ago I got crushed pretty badly at my favorite surf spot. A really big set came in and I had to ditch my board and dive for cover. Even though I was held under for a bit I was really no worse for the wear. On Sunday I had another experience with a big set in which I did not win. For some reason this ended up being much scarier even though the waves weren't quite as big. I was on an unfamiliar surfboard (surf company demo that day) and there were three others quite close to me. It was one of those situations where the break started happening faster than we thought and we were getting pushed together by the current. I didn't want to toss aside my board in fear of hitting someone so I tried a turtle roll just a bit too late. While being held under I couldn't tell if a board "softly" hit the side of my face or if that was the force of the wave. After surfacing I realized that one of the guys next to me, our boards, and I were dangerously close to each other. We immediately asked if the other was alright. We were both fine but I did get out of the water for a moment to compose myself and then got back in. My time didn't really last long out there after that as I couldn't shake the dazed feeling I had.

I wasn't going to let a bad session ruin my confidence so I got back out yesterday. I paddled out on my favorite board but the muscle stiffness and memory of being slapped by Mother Nature taunted me. Half an hour later I came back in after catching only one wave. It was only then I realized how badly shaken I was from the day before. Ugh.

I'm not going to beat myself up about being a big baby yesterday and I plan to get back out tomorrow morning.

I spent the rest of the day shooting nine at a little executive course in the Valley. This turned out to be a great confidence builder. I played with two guys, hubby and my cousin, that are much better than I. They had a less-than-desirable outing and I easily kept up with them in distance and score. This was just the ego boost that I needed.

All of my personal surfing falls and wipeouts can't possibly be as nerve-wracking as a spill by an Olympian in a medal event. They can't go out the next day and try to redo where they faltered the day before. All of this should have been dealt with in all the years of practice that led up to that moment.

I'll be rooting for Lindsey Jacobellis tonight when she attempts to remove the memory of the spill in 2004 that cost her a gold medal. GO LINDSEY!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday 5: Some of My Favorite Olympic Memories

Ever since I can remember, the Olympics have always excited me. I remember being glued to the television as a little girl for both the summer and winter events. Here are five of my favorite memories and inspirations from the Olympics:

1. Gymnastics: I was so enamored by gymnastics around the age of 8 or 9. My father shared this interest with me since he participated in high school gymnastics. We would work outside in the backyard for hours trying to get front and back handsprings down. I crushed myself pretty badly on one back handspring attempt and it was really hard to overcome. Pretty soon after, it was evident that I was going to be too tall to ever be competitive in gymnastics. I went to a free day at a gymnastics training center and was already the same size as many of the 16 year old girls. That settled that, long arms and legs means that you aren't going to be a competitor in this sport. It's cool - at 5'10" I can still do front handspring combos on command and even some moves on bars that are high enough. To this day, I particularly love to watch the floor routines and the uneven bars when the Summer Olympics come around.

2. Figure Skating: Talk about obsessed - I was so in love with figure skating as a child. My friends an I would practice all of the moves we saw the Olympians do on our roller skates. I got pretty good on mine and could even pull of a double axel. I still remember the first time I did it on the concrete - that rush you get when you accomplish something tough is amazing. We had practiced for days on our front lawns so it wouldn't hurt so bad when we fell. On either my 12th or 13th birthday I got to have my party at a roller rink and one of my friends and I did our best to imitate a routine that we had seen in the past. I still love to skate today and can even ice skate now. Watching this year's figure skating has motivated me to take my ice skates with me to the office now since there is a nearby rink I can hit on the way home.

3. Curling: I have been intrigued by curling since I discovered the sport. I still don't fully understand it but have been reading up and watching whenever it is televised and on videos that I find. The mental precision draws me in every time. I've tried to contact a few clubs to get an interview but nobody will ever write me back. I'd be great if there was a local group that I could check out here in SoCal. If anyone knows any curlers definitely shoot me a note. I really want to learn more.

4. The Original Dream Team: Need I say more? I even have a Magic Johnson Olympic jersey! Personally, I don't feel there can ever be another team that is this awesome. If you need further explanation check out this link.

5. The Hockey Miracle:
See video above and read about the "Miracle on Ice" here.

What do you love about the Olympics?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Back On Track - Let's Go!

Yes, I got back on the stationary bike this morning. Fortunately it ended in a much more favorable manner than the dude in today's video. The weather reports shows that I should be able to surf for the next three days as well and I can't wait. It's pretty funny, I can't get my favorite surfboard out of my head. I won't go into too much detail but it's a delightful feeling. I should be able to get to the driving range a few times in the next three days as well.

In other good news, the Olympics start today! The best part about the Olympics is that is means there is always something to watch on TV.

Happy 3-Day Weekend to those of you that have one and Happy Valentine's Day to all of my readers. Thank you for stopping in and leaving a comment or shooting an email every so often.

What are you doing this weekend?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Detour Day On My Fitness Journey

Talk about unmotivated - I am seriously the epitome of it this morning.

There are a number of reasons:

* The bloodhound interrupted my sleep at 1:30 am
* It is the coldest time of year in SoCal (yes, I would shrivel up and die in the Midwest)
* I haven't been able to surf since last Wednesday
* I've been working many 12 hour days in a row
* I haven't taken a proper vacation in well over a year
* and so on...and so on...

We all have things that make motivate us. We all have things that provide roadblocks and challenges.

I know that I'll snap out of this fog and get stoked about fitness and meeting my TTUC goals again very soon. This will most likely happen tomorrow. At the very least, I know that I can surf on Saturday and that will fix a lot.

The good news - no matter how unmotivated I get, I always stick to my eating plan. I always have. Fortunately, I've never used eating as a comforting or consoling activity. In fact, I have stuck to my "no salt" goal.

How do you stay motivated?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday - February 10, 2010

Winter Olympics:
This Friday February 12, the world will gather to watch top athletes from around the globe compete in the Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. Our athletes from Team USA, who have been training their entire lives will take the stage to represent our country. Anyone who registers on will have access to the latest info and will receive exclusive updates throughout the games. Check it out!

L.A. Golf Show:
It's that time of year again - the L.A. Golf Show is at the end of this month (Feb 26-28) in Long Beach. This is a pretty fun event that you can get through in a few hours. I always meet many interesting folks. Get all of the details here.

Rider Shack: One of my favorite surf shops is having movie screenings and sweet one-hour deals all week through Valentine's Day. If you're near Venice check out Rider Shack in person or shop them online if you aren't.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Yes, Fitness Rocks

I was feeling very lazy this morning. You see, it is one of our California winter mornings where the temperature is less than optimal. I really wanted to stay in my warm bed for a little bit longer. (I won't mention the actual number to save being flamed by my mid-western and northeastern friends.)

At any rate, I dragged myself out of bed and got on the stationary bike. Now I am so glad that I got my workout in! Not only am I awake, but I know this feeling will last the rest of the day. For me, I get drowsy around 3:00 pm if I don't exercise in the morning.

I just have to get over that bit of hesitation that gets into my head and I can get going. I know that is a tough thing to do for many - myself included. Trust me, as motivated as I am I still have very lazy moments. For me, it is easy to bounce back because I really despise the way I feel when I haven't exercised in a few days.

My endurance is really getting very good! When I walked the Riviera and its many steep inclines over the weekend I never got winded even once. When I say steep, I mean STEEP. Just look at that video from yesterday that shows the clubhouse. That is a paved walk or stairs to get up there and it is a really sharp incline at some places.

There is still plenty of room for more people to join the Twitter Trim Up Challenge that was started by my bud Lisa. We all harass each other when we slip and are full of encouraging words.

It's never too late to start getting in shape.

Monday, February 8, 2010

5 Observations From The Northern Trust Open

I decided to change up the usual Monday 5 from questions to observations. Why not?

Yesterday I went to the Riviera Country Club to catch the last day of the Northern Trust Open and this is what I noticed:

1. It is just as fun to sit on the hill at 18 as it is to be in the tents on 17. Seriously. Last year we were three sheets to the wind in one of the hospitality booths. Yeah, it was awesome and I will probably do it again. There is nothing wrong with free food and alcohol. However, we quite enjoyed watching everyone finish their rounds on the last hole.

2. Teenage girls rake in goodies. There were three of them at the exit from 18 asking every player for their ball, glove, towel, hat, or whatever they would hand them. I would have thought they might eventually give another fan a chance since these three had handfuls of stuff.

3. Getting intimate in front of everyone on the hill at 18 is really uncalled for. Seriously. Get a room. Please.

4. I don’t care what you say, I like Phil and enjoy following him. The first two hours of my time at the NTO was spent going from hole to hole to check out as many players as possible. I caught up with Phil and followed him for three before I took a seat at 18. I did the same thing last year – followed him for three and then took a seat in the tent.

5. I wish this event was at least twice a year. Riviera is a great place to watch golf and it is so close to home for me.

As a matter of fact, at the end there was several event staff lined up handing out all of the extra tournament programs they still had. I was already carrying one but they handed me another anyways.

This means I have one for you.

Since I only need one I am happy to share the extra with one of my golf buddies that would really appreciate it. I got it for free on my way out and am happy to put it in an envelope and pay the postage to send it to someone in the continental U.S. It is standard magazine sized, full color, and just over 100 pages.

Leave me a comment by Friday, February 12 if you really want it. I want to make sure it goes to someone who will really appreciate it that is a regular reader. I’ll randomly pick a commenter or pick the one that gives me the best reason they should have it. If nobody wants it I'll just give it to my friend that went with me last year that couldn't make it this year.

The NTO has not given me any sort of endorsement or any other support to do this. I am just sharing since I have extra. Hopefully I am not violating some PGA rule or something. I mean come on - the event gave these out and I have an extra. I'm just sharing.

Congrats on the win Steve Stricker!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Saturday Rant - The Nutrisytem Commerical

I decided to post a Saturday rant to express my extreme distaste for the latest, ubiquitous Nutrisystem commercial.

Marie Osmond doesn't really bother me; it's that Skeletor-on-crack-with-a-tanning-bed Amy that irks me to no end! With gripping commentary like "I didn't feel comfortable in my own skan" and "I went to the pool with my kads", I am ready to hurl. I found others that feel as I do as well.

If you really, really need something like Nutrisystem to lose weight then that is your prerogative. There is no easy or secret method to losing weight though. Eat right and exercise and you will be healthy. Yes, I know that means different things for different people. Seriously though - why be lazy and follow some BS, overpriced, overproduced food plan? I honestly feel you should save your hard-earned dollars and skip the pricey processed food plan. Do your research, talk to your physician, and invest in yourself instead of wasting time and money on something you probably won't stick to anyways.

Have you read a Nutrisystem box? It's processed crap in my opinion. I don't even feel that it qualifies as actual food.

Amy looks like crap. Period. If that is what Nutrisystem does for you then I would stay away from it.

That's just my opinion.

UPDATE: March 6, 2010 The bashing that I have been getting for criticizing the Nutrisystem spokesmodel has uncovered some interesting links:

Forbes discusses the genius marketing that took Nutrisytem into amazing profits. Amy has been employed by them since 2005 and appears to be one of their most successful spokes models in terms of revenue for the company. Her story is very, very effective in speaking to Nutrisystem's target audience. I am not in this audience and hence the commercials annoy me as described above. Good deal for Amy though, what an awesome gig! She's able to train for marathons, be a well-paid company rep, and probably not give a darn what anyone says about her. Nutrisystem wins even bigger, in terms of profits.

Here's some of what Forbes said: Atlanta mom Amy Tashlik-Caplan raves for two solid minutes about her body, 33 pounds lighter thanks to NutriSystem. "Look at me, I'm a size 2," she says on a daytime cable TV commercial, skipping along a beach in a bikini, smooching her husband on a footbridge and cuddling her baby at a picnic. The before and after shots are powerful. Then comes the kicker: "My husband said, 'I got my wife back,'" she exclaims. Each time the spot airs, dozens of women call NutriSystem to place an order.

Those calls connect to a dingy building on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Inside, from 5 a.m. to midnight, 200 telemarketers, trained to cajole callers into disgorging a credit card number, work the phones. Each salesman is ranked on the wall by dollars per call. The top dog brings in $136 every time his phone rings; he will earn a six-figure commission this year.

Excellent marketing!

UPDATE: August 5, 2013 Yes, you read that date right - this post sure has legs!  Someone claiming to be Amy from the commercial sent me an email.  Such a stir caused by little me.  Interesting, for sure!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tales From The Inbox - February 5, 2010

Fresh Air Fund
: In 2009, The Fresh Air Fund's Volunteer Host Family program, called Friendly Town, gave close to 5,000 New York City boys and girls, ages six to 18, free summer experiences in the country and the suburbs. Volunteer host families shared their friendship and homes up to two weeks or more in 13 Northeastern states from Virginia to Maine and Canada.

The Fresh Air Fund relies on donations to provide memorable summers to NYC children. The Fresh Air Fund needs hosts for the summer of 2010. More than 65% of all Fresh Air children are re-invited to stay with their host family, year after year.

Thanks to host families who open up their homes for a few weeks each summer, children growing up in New York City’s toughest neighborhoods have experienced the joys of Fresh Air experiences.

Click here to learn more about becoming a host or call (800) 367-0003!

Director Of Fandemonium
: After a season-long search to fill the “dream job” for an NFL fan,® together with the National Football League (NFL) will announce the next “Director of the NFL Department of Fandemonium” live on the CBS Super Bowl XLIV Pregame Show from Sun Life Stadium on February 7 at 3:30 p.m. ET. The final two candidates have separated themselves from an initial group of more than 200,000 applicants and voting for them will continue at until midnight on February 5.

: For the first time in the 5,000-year history of the sport, the bowling industry will be united under one roof with the grand opening of the International Bowling Campus (IBC) in Arlington, Texas, an unprecedented event in sports history. The IBC, located at 621 Six Flags Drive, is in close proximity to the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium, the Rangers Ballpark and the Six Flags Over Texas theme park. The 100,000-plus square foot IBC complex will house more than 200 employees.

The campus will serve as home to the new and expanded International Bowling Museum and Hall of Fame. The state-of-the-art museum will feature interactive displays and exhibits along with rare, one-of-a-kind items from the various eras dating back to 3,200 B.C. The IBC will also house the International Training and Research Center (ITRC) and an expansive pro shop making it the premier pro shop of the bowling industry. Additionally, the IBC will act as the central operating facility for the Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America (BPAA) and the United States Bowling Congress (USBC).

* Today's post was generating using content from various publicists and organizations that send me their information. If you are interested in being a part of "Tales From The Inbox" in the future, please forward your press release or pertinent information. *

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I Feel Good!

If you're a regular visitor then you're probably tired of hearing about my fitness goals. I'm not. Progress is really being made and I feel really good. I feel so good that I had to share what happened yesterday.

I invited a coworker to surf in the morning at a fairly mellow break, but churny since that's how the coast is in SoCal during the winter. My invitee is a guy that's just a few years younger than I am, that surfs fairly regularly, and always on a shortboard. Although I'm taller and have a longer "wingspan" I was a little worried about being out-paddled. I didn't want to have to work my rear off to get out in position while he was already out there and then have to take extra time to catch my breath.

Guess what! I kept up just fine and never got so winded that I had to take a long break!


Granted, we weren't speed-paddling or catching sets every 3 minutes but it felt great to keep up! I even had my shortboard! (For those of you not familiar, a shortboard generally requires more energy to paddle than a longboard.) And no, you cynical ones, he wasn't "letting" me keep up because I could not only see him putting everything in it but he was a little out of breath too.

The session itself was interesting. We paddled out into chest-high sets and watched them diminish into knee-high slow rollers. I caught probably the best one of the day, hesitated like a goofball, and went over the falls. DOH! My buddy did catch one okay ride but we spent the rest of the 60 or so minutes trying to get in the right position and then riding the whitewash in to the shore. It's still an excellent way to start the day.

I'm so stoked that my Twitter bud @kokogirl got the TTUC (Twitter Trim Up Challenge) started. For me, even though I am already a very motivated person, it's true that having a group to be accountable to and clear goals makes a huge difference. I should be awesome by the time the next surf contest rolls around in the summer. Now, to get my golf swing in shape!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wild World of Wednesday - National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Did you know that today is National Girls and Women in Sport Day? The Women Talk Sports network has compiled a list of events and information about the event. In addition, they compiled the above slideshow of contributors and prominent women in sports. You'll even see my mug in there hitting a golf ball and paddling a surfboard.

In fact, I am going to start the day with a surf to celebrate the occasion! I've invited a few of the guys from the office but I think it's too early for them. We'll see. None of the gals would join me this morning but the spot I am headed to is usually full of other women in the water.

Are you doing anything for National Girls and Women in Sports Day?

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogspotting - February 2, 2010

Mike Southern was so kind as to have me over for a guest post today.

Someone please get Heather some warm weather or a vacation. She's having quite the jones for golf weather.

Check out Lisa's progress so far with her TTUC goals.

There is still plenty of criticism around the Boscome Surf Reef. No surprise.

I have issues with my shoulder all the time and found this info about keeping shoulders fit for surfing.

Wanna be spotted? Send me your info!

Monday, February 1, 2010

5 Questions Highlight Reel

Happy Monday all!

I've got a very busy day so I thought I'd post a compilation that contains 5 of my favorite "5 Questions" interview posts for your reading pleasure:

On Surfari

Lisa Guerrero

Homeless World Cup

Street Soccer Coaches

The First Tee

If you want to do a "5 Questions" spot with me or know someone that would be a great post then shoot me an email. I've had athletes, coaches, bloggers, sportscasters, and all sorts of folks from every nook and cranny in the world of sports. I am sure there are more out there that I need to get to!