Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunice Spring & Summer 2012

Sunice has recently released their womens Spring & Summer fashions for the course.  The line uses a great new technical fabric called X-Static®.  Pure is silver bonded to textile and it provides for thermal conduction and reflection, moisture transfer, anti-microbial, and anti-static.  

Here is the info from the company’s press release about the fabric: “By permanently bonding a layer of pure silver to the surface of a textile fiber, we are able to offer golfers the benefits of pure silver. The performance of this garment will not wash away.  X-Static® visible technology (you can see the silver fibers in the shirt – evident by looking at the backside of the shirt) offers performance features incomparable to any other moisture wicking collection.

In warm weather, when conduction is the primary means of heat transfer, X-Static® enhances the body’s natural actions by accelerating the conduction from the body. Apparel without X-Static® technology would simply be a barrier to heat conduction. Silver is the most thermally conductive element on the planet. X-Static®, therefore, works quickly to evenly distribute and transfer heat through the product.

X-Static® enhances the natural movement of moisture through hydrophobic materials by using evaporation. When X-Static® is placed in a moist environment with another hydrophobic material; 

The anti-microbial characteristics of silver prevent the growth of bacteria therefore eliminating potential odors.

X-static® fabric will dissipate electrostatic charges allowing the garment to move more freely and not stick to your body or another layer."

In addition to function, the new looks are very modern.  Sunice has really updated their offering and provided some great pieces that aren't the least but frumpy.  For example, look at this polo:

I absolutely love the flattering, feminine look of this!  There's more though:

I'm a big fan of the pink - simple, yet elegant.  The white with the purple cuff and gathering around the buttons is super cute also!  Finally, here's an outfit that I'm dying to get:

The polo has an almost surf-inspired look to it (and we all know how much I love that) and the bottoms are my favorite length (not to mention the plaid is awesome).  I would totally rock this look at my upcoming tournament.

Check out Sunice's latest here: