Monday, August 10, 2009

5 Questions With The One-Eyed Golfer

Today's guest is an interesting guy to follow on Twitter or his blog. I used to be on his list of favorites, but I guess I fell out of favor. Maybe I'll get back on now? When I asked Vince, the One-Eyed Golfer, to describe himself had this to say: "I am a 60 year-old Balti-moron golf nut. I love every aspect of the game: the traditions and history of the game, rules, trivia on any tour 12 months per year." He was then kind enough to patiently answer five questions:

1. How long have you been a golfer? What other sports (if any) do you follow, play, or otherwise get involved in?

I started playing seriously (more than 2 times per year) about 30 years ago. The local golf club had a fabulous deal for families and we joined. My wife doesn’t play and the kids were not born, but she used the pool and the kids gradually appeared. I have been a sports nut since the first grade and played them all. The only one I was pretty decent at was basketball, which I played for my high school team. Baltimore’s been lucky to have/had the Orioles, Colts, and Ravens.

2. When did you start your blog? What was your motivation and what keeps you sharing your musings with the world?

I started the blog about six months ago. I had heard ABOUT blogs, but had no clue. I looked up golf blogs and read a few and found Waggle Room and he was from Baltimore. I noticed his blog roll and noticed a pretty solid circle of very, very good bloggers - maybe 8-12 - with a few others. At first I thought there was money to be made, but quickly discovered otherwise. I decided to do it as a labor of love and I do love it (mostly other blogs, not necessarily mine). I also discovered a little niche I might like to fill on the golf blogosphere.

Tony Kornheiser was not the best announcer on Monday Night Football and you may or may not like his work on Pardon The Interruption on ESPN. However, he was an incredibly popular nationally known syndicated sports columnist for the Washington Post for decades. He is/was irreverent, curmudgeonly, tongue in cheek and he could turn a story about the Super Bowl into a conversation about his dog and back again. And, he loves oldies and played them on his also nationally syndicated radio program – long before the popularity of ESPN Sports Radio. I wanted to be the TK of golf bloggers.

3. Who do you particularly admire in the world of golf? Who do you find particularly annoying?

As in life, the world’s greatest golfers are the ones that work the hardest, give the majority of credit to others and are truly grateful for the gifts God has given them. Particularly annoying people are opposite. Hogan, Nicklaus and Woods are in the former category and Greg Norman, Tom Weiskopf, and Rory Sabbatini should be placed in the latter. I am an non-apologetic Tiger fan as I was a Jack fan in the 60’s when all of my friends rooted for Arnie.

4. How often do you get on the course? What's your handicap?

I have had a few COPD issues this year, but in the most recent 5-6 previous years, I played 5-6 times per week. Same crowd, mostly retired young or small business owners like myself and the like. I started as a 36 plus handicapper in 1979 and have been as low as 5.6 USGA Index. I am currently an 8.2. I have never had a hole-in-one, have had nine eagles on my home course and shot a 69, -1 in a tournament at my club. Probably pay out more in side bets than I collect.

5. I must know - what happened to the other eye?

Natty Boh is a legend in Baltimore in the 1950’s. His ‘bohemian bartender’ logo is imprinted on beer cans, thousands of which I imbibed from 1965 to my later vodka days. I do have one tee-shirt for sale for $7,995.00, which includes shipping and handling. If you notice, sometimes his missing eye is the right one and other times the left.


Heather said...

I've always been a TK fan. Maybe that's why I like Vince so much too.

He knows a LOT about golf.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yes, yes he does!

Vince Spence said...

Thanks, Apryl...

I fiddle with my blog template and lost all lings for three separate blog rolls. Indubitably, your site has been placed back in a place of honor, as it deserves. I'm still rebuilding and re-adding mere mortals...

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks Vince! You rock!

Lindsay said...

Nice to hear from someone so passionate about their sport. I also love hearing from other bloggers. I like that Vince is blogging because he enjoys it and is able to create relationships within the golf blogosphere.

Apryl DeLancey said...

He's awesome - make sure you check out his blog!