Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Favorite Surf Bikini

Amazingly I found my ideal surf bikini on Amazon. Yes, without even trying it on. I'm even writing about how much I love this bikini and I was not sent one to review. Full price was paid so that should tell you just how much I like this bikini. In fact, after I bought one and realized how fantastic it was I bought another.

Triangle tops kill me. They dig into my neck and are really unpleasant after a 2 hour session. Bandeau tops don't work at all for me, there isn't near enough support. One piece suits are really difficult to deal with when you're trying to be Houdini in the parking lot (you know, not dropping your towel whilst changing).

A lovely pro surfer came out with a line that was supposed to be good for surfing. I checked them out and they're great if you're 12 years old or built like you are. Even a few ladies that I know who wear B cups said that the larges were still too small. This wasn't going to work for me.

Luckily, I found a top and bottom that work for me. Yes those links have the sizes I ordered although I probably could have done fine with a medium bottom. For reference, I'm 5'10" , about 145 lbs, and wear a size 4/5 pant and 9/10 top. My shoulders are pretty big from playing sports all these years and I'm not flat chested. No, I'm not trying to brag - just trying to give perspective for you other surf gals that are searching for a good suit.

Anyone else know of some good surf swimwear that doesn't dig into your neck or cause wardrobe malfunctions? Let me know where to find 'em!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Worst Surf Camera Ever - UPDATE

Back in February I bought a Kodak PlaySport waterproof video camera. Do yourself a favor - don't buy it!

I've got to send it back for the THIRD TIME NOW!

When I first got it, I was super excited, got a housing to put it on my surf vest, and went out in the water. The minute it hit the water it died. We sent it back. We had to pay for postage. About a month later it came back.

I took it out a second time. Again, the minute it hit the water it was dead. This time it took on a bunch of water.

We had read the directions both times and put it in water mode. I was only surfing so it wasn't submerged very much at all.

We sent it back. A month later, they sent us another.

I finally took it out today. Guess what? IT DIED AGAIN!

This time I'm hoping to talk to someone and get something resolved. This thing is the biggest piece of crap ever. We're out $150 plus the cost to ship it back once (they paid for the second one).

Seriously? It's not like I was doing anything wild with it. The video above was allegedly taken with the same type of camera.

Anyone have a good surf camera reco?


I first tried to contact Kodak on Facebook but had no luck. Next I found @KodakCameras on Twitter. Luckily, Mary-Irene Marek was incredibly helpful and got someone to contact me in a matter of days. They had me ship my 3x refurbished camera do a different location and sent me a NEW camera just in time for the 4th of July holiday! Now that's service! It's a shame that it took so much effort but it was nice to get the personalized service from Mary-Irene and Ricky (the rep who gave me a call).

This is a great example of using social media for customer service. Twitter is a great medium for this and having dedicated staff that listens to consumer concerns is really the way to go! Brands should take notice and follow this example (I know many have and I say "good job" to that!)

Phone calls didn't work and neither did email messages. The only gripe I have is that the didn't send me the color I had originally and one of my purchased-separately storage cards was destroyed in the earlier attempts.

I plan to upload some of my cool vids soon. The picture is really quite nice. I've just got to get the mounting on my vest right and then I'll be sharing away.

Thanks Mary-Irene & Ricky, you two exemplify what customer service should be.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Write Something Already!

Yes, I've been busy! I do apologize for being absent so long. I've got some book & product reviews coming up for you along with some general blah blah blah. In the meantime check out the surf dog video. I wish my big dude wasn't so afraid of the water. Could you imagine a 140-lb bloodhound surfing?