Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Wild World Of Wednesday - January 13, 2010

: Fail is all I can say about the above video. I just don't get it.

Wear Blue: Today is Wear Blue For Oceans Day in support of a national oceans policy. Wear blue and upload your pic to the official website or Facebook page. Here's what this is all about from the organization's website:

"Our oceans, coasts, Pacific Islands and Great Lakes are not just places of wonder and beauty -- they provide valuable jobs, food, energy resources, recreational and tourism opportunities. Our ocean and coastal waters also provide habitat for an incredible array of fish and wildlife. These waters have been central to our way of life as a maritime nation for generations. Healthy oceans, coasts and communities represent our heritage and our future.

On June 12, 2009 President Obama created a 23-member Ocean Policy Task Force to develop a first ever National Policy for our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes. From August through November 2009 the Task Force hosted six public hearings around the nation (Alaska, the West Coast, the East Coast, the Pacific Islands, the Gulf Coast, and the Great Lakes) to gather public input on the need for a unifying National Policy for oceans, coasts and Great Lakes. Public support at all of these hearings was overwhelmingly positive and supportive.

Specifically a strong national policy would:

Enable agencies to better address water pollution problems;

Help to facilitate clean offshore energy, such as offshore wind turbines;

Design better and more cost effective coastal and wetland restoration programs;

Protect and restore natural areas to ensure healthy habitat for ocean and coastal fish and wildlife.

The Task Force's final report to the President should be submitted near the end of January 2010, and they need to hear from you, so take action and Wear Blue on January 13th!"

You can support Wear Blue For Oceans and the notion of protecting our coastlines regardless of who you support politically or who is in office. Let's all work together on this.

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