Saturday, December 6, 2008

Women's Sports - Enjoy Them While You Can?

Because I Played Sports posted that the NCAA website had the headline "Will the economy undo women’s professional sports? Would this have a trickle-down impact on women’s college sports?"

Today, Carolyn sent me the Reuters feed about the WNBA disbanding the franchise in Houston.

Other women's leagues have reported troubles with revenue and sponsors. I am extremely disappointed, of course. I wish that little girls could grow up to be professional athletes just like little boys...and not have to pay to play or have a second career since sports doesn't pay their bills.


Lindsay said...

I hear both men and women make comments like "women sports are boring" and then use that as an excuse not to watch them. Or there aren't enough fights, aggression or that type of action. Hockey is "boring" for example because checking is not allowed.

I disagree. I would usually rather watch women's sports. Athletes are athletes. And I prefer to see other strong women competing because I can relate to them. I know they have probably worked harder than the men to get where they are.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Well said.

I find it odd that everyone wants to see more "anger" in sports. Hit harder, more fighting, really sad...

Doret said...

Great clip. Did it take you long to find? The lips and words weren't inline, very funny. Is is just me or does the father from Good Times look like he hasn't aged that much in the Die Hard 2 movie
I never got into the WNBA but I don't watch the NBA anymore either, just a little bit of the playoffs.
Though I like watching women's and men college basketball. Gender doesn't matter with me I just want a good game. As much as I love baseball I don't do college baseball. It the bats. However college softball rocks. Why isn't checking allowed in Women's hockey?

Apryl DeLancey said...

Ha! Yeah, I got lucky with the clip and the father does look the same! I'm not sure about checking rules, though.