Monday, December 8, 2008

More Than 5 Questions With an It Girl

Today's five questions come from Jenn Zettler. Jenn was announced as the November "It Girl" – a winner of Ortho Women's Health & Urology It Girl Essentials contest. The contest sought to identify the ultimate real-life "It Girls" who embody confidence, compassion, and a little bit of flair. She's a senior at the University of Texas, is interning at ESPN Radio Austin, and when it comes to sports, she's a self-proclaimed expert.

1. How has your life changed since you've been an "It Girl"?

Being an "It Girl" has made me realized how grateful I am for everything I have, have experienced, and achieved in my entire life!!! And not to mention, it is kind of nice to hear, "hey I saw your video!" Did I mention the really cool prizes? No, it really has impacted my life in a very positive way and I couldn't be more grateful!

2. Who are the role models in your life? Do you consider yourself a role model? Why or why not?

The role models in my life are (as cliché as it may sound) my family, especially my sister. Lauren is a huge role model because my entire life I have always looked up to her and have wanted to follow in her footsteps. She is so smart, dedicated to everything she sets her mind to, and treats everyone with so much respect. She is just so gorgeous inside and out! I would consider myself a role model...I know I am not a person everyone would look up to, however, I know there are people in my life who I have influenced. I believe a role model is not just someone you look up to, but someone who has truly impacted your life. I think that is a big reason I think my family is my role model.

3. What are your duties as an intern with ESPN radio?

While I am no longer interning full time with ESPN Radio this semester, I worked there over the summer and am now helping them out when I can this semester. My duties consisted of a range of things....the usual filing, answering phones, and greeting people as they walked through the door. In addition, I found information for the on-air hosts to use, I recorded some commercials for the station, I did a few interviews that played on air, I was featured on air a couple of times, and I organized a game day broadcast from my sorority house. (The Friday before every home game, ESPN Radio would come to my sorority house. It was my job to organize the event and invite people to attend.)

4. Did you find that you were as accepted as your male counterparts?

I would say that I was accepted with my male counterparts. I have noticed in general, I am accepted among many males...let's be honest, most males like sports, anytime a girl can hold a conversation about statistics, players, and team history, it is easier to be accepted in a male world. I am sure at times when I say "I love sports," males look at me like I am crazy, but once I open my mouth, their perception of me changes a little bit.

5. How else do sports play a part in your life?

Aside from interning at a sports radio station, which was a huge part in my life, sports play a big role. I love watching sports and attending different games. A priority is purchasing UT Longhorn season tickets to make sure I am at every game. My sister planned her wedding on Texas' bye-week if that tells you anything! I like the organization and togetherness in sports. A team doesn't work well together if they can't get along. I think sports shows everyone that no matter how different you are, if you find something in common, you can and should work together. A saying I picked up from a UT Football t-shirt and always use at work is "Teamwork makes the Dream work."

6. Other than sports journalism, do you play any sports regularly?

With a job, volunteering, and school...I don't have time to play an organized sport. However, I do like to throw the football around with my dad, boyfriend, or any of my girlfriends that know how to catch a ball! I plan on joining a flag football or softball team when I graduate!

7. What organized sports or other activities have you been involved in through your life?

Well, my entire life I cheered, danced, and tumbled!!! That took up a ton of time, but it was something I loved and miss dearly! I did try playing basketball for a couple of years, but I was kind of short and my high school's (girl) team wasn't that good. I did have a teacher in high school ask me if I would be interested in playing Varsity Softball, but cheering and tumbling was more important to me at the time.

8. What advice would you give to other young women and girls who want to follow a career in sports?

First off, go to the University of Texas- you can't go wrong there! (smile) Also, don't give up. Males and sports in general can be intimidating. For example, the other night I played ESPN Scene It. I lost; however, being able to answer some ridiculous questions I didn't even know I knew confirmed that this is what I want to do! You will come across obstacles in your life you think you might not overcome....but you will. And like I have said before, tomorrow is another day. Always be yourself and don't put yourself in a situation that could potentially harm your future. If you would like to hear more advice from me, check out


Lindsay said...

Sounds like Jenn is really confident in herself, while being aware of her influence on others. That's a great combination. Plus, she really loves what she's doing!

Apryl DeLancey said...

I thought the very same thing. I like watching comfortable and confident people talk about what they love.