Thursday, December 11, 2008

Blogspotting To Get A Clue

Not the blogs…me! I’ve been so darn busy with everything that I can’t keep up with myself, much less what is going on in the world of sports. The closest I’ve been lately is listening to a Southern gentleman that I know explain why he is a Celtics fan. You just don’t picture that accent on a fan of a Boston team. So yeah, I feel like I don’t have a clue lately. I am way behind on sports in general – all of them. Why can I not just sit and watch ESPN, Sky, and whatnot all day…go to a game…not work 16 freaking hours or more every single day…waa…waa…waa…

Monica keeps up with soccer for us and does so quite well. She’s always got some new Cristiano Ronaldo pics too…I’m just saying…

I was introduced to The Sports Judge yesterday. Nice! Fantasy Football geek paradise! Not that I’m still in it this year. Can you say IGNORAMOUS!? I did get high score two weeks…woohoo…$20 for me!

Nola Chick means business. Seriously.

Go read Club Lakers. Just do it.

Pretty Tough has a link for a Women’s World Cup blog.

The title of this one cracks me up!

And finally, a pick ‘em for women’s football

Got any more clues? Leave me a comment and let me in on it!

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