Sunday, December 21, 2008

Sunday Sports Wrap - December 21, 2008

Women's Football: Don't forget that every Sunday at 3:00 pm PST is the Women's Football Talk radio show. This week's guest is Jeff King, president of the Women's Football Alliance.

NFL: Playoff scenarios are taking shape and I am totally at the edge of my seat watching the San Diego Chargers visiting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. This game is killing me...back and forth...I am jonesing like you would not believe to hear them fire the cannons in person! The intros using O, Fortuna of the Carmina Burana, the Ozzy song Crazy Train for kickoff...I had to settle for today's video. Fire them cannons!

Today in Sports History

1941 - Last NFL drop kick for an extra point is done by Ray McLean of the Chicago Bears

- Joe DiMaggio announces his retirement

- Vince Lombardi coaches his last football game.


Doret said...

Rememeber that Chargers Patriots playoff game a few years ago, when the coach used up 2 timeout in like 5 minute. That was crazy and a waste cost the Chargers the game and his job. The Lions lost to the Saints @ home 42- 7 they've been outscored by 176 points @ home this yr, thats the highest ever. Food and beverages should be free for any fans who buy a ticket and sit in that cold stadium. A win is never promised however fans deserve better than that, especially with a recession. You want me to pay how much for a ticket then $8 for a beer, $4 for hotdog and team loses like that every time and now its Brick cold, hell naww. If owners can afford to play these players who can't win one game they should be able to pay the people working at the stadium. I just thought about this when I got off work and saw the 42- 7
Did Furcal get better while I wasn't looking. And Texiera (sp) is not worth whatever he is going to get. He' s a good 1st baseman but come on the bidding war for him is way over the top.
Tiki is doing an interview now. I hate Tiki

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yup - I remember that game. Argh!

You know who should get free food and parking - Lions fans. They should get huge discounts on tickets.

And yeah, Furcal is THE MAN. He was injured part of the year but when he was playing he was quite magical!