Monday, December 15, 2008

5 Questions With Coach Bartley

He’s been a guest before and he’s back again. Coach Anthony Bartley has moved to a new league and new team for the upcoming women’s football season. In addition, you can catch him every Tuesday on the Women’s Football Talk radio network with his new show GameTime. I caught up with him to discuss his new team, the California Lynx, for five questions.

1. Tell me about your new team the Lynx! What league are they in and who will you be playing against?

The California Lynx is relatively a new team in women’s football, but not new overall. The Lynx started out as a professional minor league arena football team I managed and coached. With that in mind I started the Lynx as a women’s team. After being released of my duties with the Breakers I decided to do something new. We are part of the WFA (Women’s Football Alliance) a new national level league. I am currently the Pacific Regional Director for the league as well. We will face such teams as the Las Vegas Showgirlz, who was released from the IWFL, Phoenix Prowlers, Marana Shedevils, and the Ventura Black Widows who I retrieved from the NWFA.

2. What are the challenges to starting a new franchise? Have you had a hard time recruiting?

With any franchise whether old or new, it is difficult putting a franchise together. I was fortunate to have had experience as an owner in the past so starting a team wasn't hard for me. As for my recruiting, it has been very good for me. I have 25 on my active roster with many more to come.

3. I've heard you on Women's Football Talk a lot lately - are you doing a regular podcast? What is your involvement there?

Its GAMETIME BABY! I have my own radio show on WFB Talk every Tuesday night @ 7pm. I am the Howard Stern of women’s football. My goal is to bring real football talk from real experience.

4. Where are your practices and how can one get involved in becoming a member of the Lynx? Where will your home games be?

Its not hard to become part of the Lynx Family. Right now we workout every other Saturday at 10:00 am. Our location is Maxwell Park in Anaheim. All of our information is listed on our website. As for our home field, I am looking in the North OC area. I should have my schedule in December so I can secure my field soon.

5. What are your goals for the season? What can we expect to see from you and the team?

My major goal for the 2009 season is to be the WFA Champion, get the free uniforms from our league sponsor Gamewear Sportswear, and get that ring. My next goal is to make it so where my players are getting paid to play this game. I have set up a system to where my players have 4 ways to get paid to play this game. I want everyone in California to know that my girls will get paid for their efforts. For those who know me I will continue to bring hard hitting smash mouth football. I will put on a great showing and shock the world with the level of talent I have wearing the scarlet and white.

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