Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tales From The Inbox - December 18, 2008

Make Brad Pitt Happy!
Nola Chick send me over this note (oh, and yes, that is her beloved hometown in the video just a few days ago):

"Hello my fellow sports nuts! I wanted to let you guys know about a big cause our blog "Chicks in the Huddle" is pushing to help build homes for Hurricane Katrina victims. We've teamed up with Brad Pitt's Make it Right Foundation to raise money for building supplies and construction to build flood-proof, eco friendly homes in New Orleans Lower 9th Ward. It was one of the sections hardest hit by Hurricane Katrina. Believe it or not, many of the folks who lost their homes are STILL homeless. Ugh! So, we're asking folks to donate anything they can to "The House that Chicks in the Huddle Built." Our goal is to raise $500 by the Super Bowl, $1000 by draft day and $5000 by the start of the new season.

Head to the Make it Right Foundation website and click on the "Donate Now" button at the top of the page. Enter your donation amount and click "Make Donation." When you're filling out the information on the Donation page, be sure to choose "The House that Chicks in the Huddle Built" under the "Team Sponsored Home Options" tab. (If you click on the "make donation" tab there is a drop down menu on the second section where you can select the Chicks team.)

We know times are tight for everyone. (Hell, I heard even Santa's house got foreclosed on and Mrs. Claus has resorted to turning tricks.) But we're firm believers that every little bit helps! And just think of all the good karma you'll have. Please pass this along to whoever you can think of. We really want to do our part to help our home town, but we'll need your help to make it right!"

More Hard Times: Professional sports are taking another hit from the recent economic climate. I really have another word for it but, as you know, I try to stay fair and let others share their views. At any rate, Carolyn sent me the link that arena football is canceling the 2009 season. The team in New Orleans has already folded but the league claims that play will resume in 2010. They want to "fix their economic model".


And One said...

Apryl - as Lily Tomlin would say, "this time you have gone too far." Mrs. Claus turning tricks???

Oh my. Well deserving of an And One "Stop it."

It's ok; I still adore you and will mention the Chicks in the Huddle project over on later today.


Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, Nola lets it out for sure - I put quotations around her entire email now so that you all know to properly credit her with the commentary.

It was quite funny, eh? About Mrs. Claus? You all know me better than to actually be THAT risque!

Thanks for spreading the word, C!