Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Sports Wrap - December 7, 2008

The big deal today is the BCS Bowl Selection Show tonight. Every year it seems to be the same thing...the BCS is scrutinized, complained about, defended, etc. It will be interesting to see if anything ever changes. If enough people are upset about the current system it just might. One day. Maybe. Perhaps.

As usual, you can find the mainstream sports listings and scores here.

My weekend has not been very sports-filled, unless you count slaving away over my laptop as a sport. I don't. Sure, I've got the games on in the background but I am not able to pay much attention. I do know that the Titans have clinched (no, really) and that the Jets actually lost today to the San Francisco 49ers. The latter puts them in a tie with the Miami Dolphins with a record of 8-5. Wow, did I just say that the Dolphins are 8-5? That's a turn from last year. I guess Chad Johnson had something to prove and went to work. Ha! And look at that, the New England Patriots just barely squeezed out a win against the Seattle Seahawks. That makes them also at 8-5. Wow. It should be an interesting last few weeks of the season. Unless you are a Lions or Raiders fan.

Today in Sports History

- NBA settles referee strike and decide they will return on Dec 12

Happy Birthday to...Larry Bird, Terrell Owens, Eric Chavez, and Fausto Carmona


Doret said...

I guess Ocho Cinco never caught on. And that isn't even 85. I always wanted to scream its ochenta y cinco when Chad Johnson said it, I mean how hard is that. The NFL season was pretty quick this year, which is probably a good thing. There have only been a handfull of great games. The Braves let go of Hampton. Surprise, not. Braves fans are pissed all that money and I don't think he played 100 games.

Apryl DeLancey said...

You and everyone else!

What a season! I'm ready for the next!