Saturday, December 13, 2008

Sports And The Economy

How can anyone get away from stories about the economic downturn? It permeates our culture regardless of what you are doing - politics, business, fashion, sports, etc. Every day another company talks about layoffs - big companies. It is a scary time and those of us fortunate enough to be making an income should realize that we are not immune.

Sports and entertainment are in an interesting position during tough economic times. When people have less money to spend freely, they are looking to be entertained more via movies, sporting events, and the like. Nowadays, couples are more likely to spend the night with a movie rental rather than going out to dinner and a movie. It is also much cheaper to watch the game on television that to try and buy tickets (especially if said tickets are to see the Los Angeles Lakers).

What is especially unfortunate is the fact that sports programs are being cut all over the country in high schools. The arts and sports are always the first to go in times of budget cuts. We won't even get into how important these are for children in addition to math, English, and the like. There is no one subject or activity more important and well-roundedness really needs to stay in schools. I could go on and on about how sports are being affected by recent money issues at every level. The evidence is everywhere.

How has the economy affected your sports habits? Do you play your sport less often? Do you go to fewer events?


Lindsay said...

I've considered dropping my gym membership. I used to go every day and now I'm lucky if I get there once a week (I run and walk outside). It's just an added expense I'm not taking advantage of. However, for now, I still have it.

Apryl DeLancey said...

That is one way to save money and take outdoor activities in. It is a bit harder to be outdoors so much in your frozen tundra though!