Friday, December 19, 2008

Are There Sports In Your Holidays?

NCAA Football, NFL, NBA, and so much more happens during the next two weeks when everyone has a lot of extra time off. The weather has been really nasty all over the country so I can imagine there will be a lot of snowboarding! I know the mountains of SoCal have been snowed upon. Golf is doable here and in Florida, but can be chilly depending on where you are. Hiking is the old stand-by here for me. I don’t have to get cold and I can bring the dog. If you are here in the SoCal area, check out these places to include sports in your holidays:

Mammoth Mountain

Big Bear

This link will tell you about places all over the state to ski and board and current conditions. No doubt that Tahoe is jumping off now!

Oh, and as a bonus… for those of you on the other side of the country…I have been tubing at Roundtop and it was a blast!

If you're in Florida, I don't even need to start to tell you how much golf you can play now. Not to mention scuba diving! Last time I was in the Keys I was at Molasses Reef.

Grand Cayman isn't a bad spot to be either to hit Eden Rock. You just walk right off of the beach and you're 80 feet deep before you know it!

There are a plethora of Palm Springs golf courses in their prime this time of year. Of course, don’t forget IE, Orange, and Riverside too. Just hop over to the Los Angeles Times Southern California Golf Guide

I’ve talked about hiking trails before so here is the link again. I definitely see some hikes with the dog for my days off.

Oh, and to keep up with the mainstream scores and what is televised on the USA Today sports page.

What sports will you watch or participate in over the holidays?


Lindsay said...

I won't be watching many sports, but I can't wait to go ice skating with my family and to take my dog and family members' dogs out for a long walk on a trail.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Ah, yes - ice skating! I can't wait. They have a rink in Santa Monica for the holiday and I've dug out my pair of skates. I bet you wouldn't have thought that I have a pair or even knew how to do it!