Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday - December 10, 2008

NBA: The Los Angeles Lakers are on FIRE again, oh yeah! 17-3 so far! Nice! I do feel sorry for the Los Angeles Clippers with the nearly opposite record of 4-17. Their new practice facility is very nice looking but cursed. I'm sure it is. Just look at their record. Well, that and some jerk decided to do a hit and run on my car when I was parked at the store across the street from it. Yes, I am still reeling over that one. I'm especially grateful *sarcasm* for all of the help I've received.

MLB: The Los Angeles Dodgers have re-signed Casey Blake. This only leaves 13 of their free agents unsigned. How much longer do I need to complain? Do I need to become an *shudder* Angels fan *shudder*?

Premier League
: I've had zero time to follow this wonderful sport so far this season. The standings aren't so surprising at all - Liverpool, Chelsea, and Man U at the top.

Rugby: Wembley Stadium recently hosted a very historic rugby match in which our cricket contributor Katharine wrote to me about. I'm envious that she was able to attend but thankful she sent this account:

"I thought you might be interested that I have finally made a visit to the new refurbished Wembley Stadium. This was to see the Australian Rugby Union team, who are currently touring the UK, against the Barbarians. I don't know if you know about the Barbarians, but they were always considered an important part of Rugby Union history and culture as they are an invitational team that it is considered an honour to play for, a little like an all-star team to put it in US terms. The match was actually a slightly contrived commemoration of the rugby final in the 1908 Olympic Games, which the Australians, as they did again on Wednesday night, won. The stadium where that was played, White City in west London, was knocked down some years ago, so this was played in the rebuilt stadium that hosted the 1948 Games. Traditionally, the Barbarians, or 'Ba Bas' wear the socks of the teams they normally play for with their Barbarians kit, but on this occasion because the Australians' opposition in 1908 were all Cornishmen, who were representing Great Britain, they wore the socks of the Cornish county team. (Well, in their colours, I don't think they were their socks!)"

Today in Sports History

1992 - The NHL awards franchises to Miami and Anaheim for the 1994-95 season. Southern Californians scratch their heads at the power of Disney.

1995 - The first meeting of the latest NBA expansion teams happens with the Raptors beating Grizzlies 93-81


Jordan said...

YAY, another female sports fan! Keep it up.
I host a video blog at
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Apryl DeLancey said...

Nice! Great to meet you Jordan!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for that rugby info. :)

.. I'm toying with the idea of getting a women's team started here in the spring.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Woohoo! Do it!