Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wild World of Wednesday - January 14, 2009

NFL: I just can't get over the fact that the Arizona Cardinals are in the title game that decides the NFC champ. Wow. And really now, how about that Donovan McNabb? Just a few short weeks ago Eagles fans were screaming that he should be gone. I'm really not so sure he will last much longer, regardless of how far the team does go.

MLB: And still...the Dodgers have not signed Manny Ramirez. Since they've played this game for so long now, I'm sure he'll have a different attitude if he does get signed. Thanks for keeping the momentum, oh powers that be. I haven't heard any more about the McCourts building all of those fields in Los Angeles either. I would take back every bad thing I've ever said if they just got up to the podium at a press conference and admitted that they were just trying to squeeze every penny out of fans. At least then we would have honesty. How's that new mall at Chavez Ravine coming?

NBA: The Lakers are still on top of the West. Watch out Celtics, it looks like the the Cavaliers are going to give you a run for your money in the East this year. I can't gloat about the Celtics being in third yet since that still means they are in contention and I hate to jinx my Lakers.

Today in Sports History

1954 - New York Yankee Joe DiMaggio marries actress Marilyn Monroe

- Catfish Hunter is elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame


Doret said...

The Braves fans at my job are not happy about the Derrick Lowe signing. I didn't release he was 36And there are rumors Andrew Jones might come back. And their LF Francoeur can't hit. last year they may of traded him and someone else for a pitcher but then he complained about being sent down to the minors. Dude your hitting like 110 with Bases loaded. Shut go down and work on fundamentals So after that I am pretty sure his trade stock dropped. No one seems too upset about Smoltz leaving.
I think the Giants will be alot better this year. They already have the pitching. If only they hadn't signed Zito. Who else is looking at Manny. Looking forward to the Australian open

Apryl DeLancey said...

The Yankees are looking at Manny and who knows how that will go. Right now it's just a sit and wait, eh? I just think they are losing momentum and causing friction since they didn't sign right away. Ugh! I could also only be so lucky to have Andruw Jones leave.

Doret said...

Waiting is the worst. Until you hear on the radio or TV "its just been announced that Manny signed with" Is it just me or do you lose the ability to breathe while your waiting to hear what team the reporter will say. Especially when its a player you don't want your team to pick up. Sometimes being a fan is stressfull

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yep - the wait kills me! I still remember when the Dodgers got Manny. I was on a conference call and all of a sudden everyone on the other end grew silent and then let out cheers. They told me and I immediately looked it up on my cell phone and we talked about Manny for quite a while.