Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Remember Tetherball?

I absolutely loved to play tetherball as a kid. This crazy sport was one that I totally dominated at and got to the point where no one would play me. I was that "lucky" kid that was taller than everyone else in the entire school except for one boy. Sure, it didn't feel so lucky then since I was teased incessantly. At any rate, all I would have to do was hit the ball over the other kid's head and it was all over. I remember how it would feel to be undefeated and it was awesome. Yeah, I know, stop bragging...you would too!

I looked around and found a few spots that had rules and that the game was making a comeback at one point. After an extensive ten minute Google search I was unable to find any competitive or league tetherball. Let me know if you find any. There certainly must be more to this sport than the playground, silly instructional videos, and blooper reels!

This post was inspired by my buddy Carolyn at And One. She sent me a link to the image below that was captured in 1910 Manhattan.

Did you play tetherball as a kid? Do you know if there are competitive leagues today?

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