Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Signs Of The Apocalypse

NFL: The Arizona Cardinals are in the Super Bowl. Yes, my friends, it is a sign of impending doom. After the game on Sunday I had to look outside of my window to assure that I did not see any donkeys or pigs flying. Nope, there were none such sightings. Even so, one player on the team could not help but whine about the game. I just don’t get that? How is it you are on the way to the Super Bowl, your whole team is celebrating, and you are complaining about your lack of playing time? Apparently, Anquan Boldin thinks he has a reason to complain. I can think of a lot of people that would like to be in his position right now. I just don’t understand that mentality. Yes, that is another sign of an upcoming disaster – you are on your way to the Super Bowl but can only complain. Interesting.

Poker: Yes, as the video above suggests, I have thought that poker being broadcast on sports channels is also quite silly. This is not a new observation, just one I haven't discussed in a while. Yes, there is strategy and skill involved. I am just of the opinion that calling poker a sport is truly stretching the definition. You can disagree, its okay. I believe that chess and spelling bees are also questionable on sports channels and there must certainly be something else out there that they could broadcast. In defense of all of these; there is a competition, a winner, and a loser. To some, this is all you need to have a sport. To each their own!

Beer Pong: You heard me correctly, beer pong. ESPN.com has a feature on this new pastime. No, I did not have to dig deep in the website; there was a link to this gem on the front page! Just so you know, this is taken very seriously. Just follow this link to the World Series of Beer Pong. I’m not making this up.

What signs of the apocalypse have you noticed in sports lately?


Doret said...

How about if they put poker on the the learning channel. Though I must admit to watching poker on ESPN.
I clicked to Beer Pong- my first thought- that is so white fraternity. Beer Pong roots can be found in flipping a coin in a shot glass game.

My signs of a sports apocalypse Every time the summer Olympics rolls around, someone wants to add something thats not a sport. I know ballroom dancing takes a lot of skill and training but its not a sport. And yes I've watched and enjoyed ballroom dancing competitions on PBS but still put some skates on and go to the winter Olympics.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah - beer pong does fit into the frat boy category, eh?

Great observation about ballroom dancing - ha!