Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Sports Wrap - January 11, 2009

NFL: Excuse me while I laugh my head off at the fact that Carolina could not come up with any 4th quarter shenanigans in order to come back against the Cardinals. Jake Delhomme likely felt like Miss South Carolina in today's video with his 5, yes 5, interceptions. AND it was his birthday...Happy Birthday Jake! Oh my gosh, I can barely contain myself. Now I am being mean...oops...I better not travel to North Carolina any time soon. My luggage could disappear again. I know someone else that is probably laughing just as hard as I am. Go Cardinals!

Can you believe the Titans lost? I can. It was just bound to happen after their amazing season. I really wasn't pulling for either team here since I've got an AFC love...

The San Diego Super Chargers. I'm worried since it is so cold today! I am here in the Northeast today and a native SoCal gal so I could imagine trying to get it together to play football.

Speaking of being in the NY area...I am soooo wanting to ditch my responsibilities and sneak over to the Giants vs. Eagles game. I'm not a particular fan of either team but would be excited as can be to get there and check out the tailgating and try to score some tickets to get in. I was asking Mr. DeLancey who he liked for the game and when he said the Eagles the gentleman behind the bar we were sitting at that was cutting fruit immediately pointed his knife in our direction. Oops.

So who will the Super Bowl be? My dream is Arizona vs. San Diego with San Diego taking the cake.

Today in Sports History

1977 - Chicago Cubs trade outfielder Rick Monday to Los Angeles Dodgers for Bill Buckner

1987 - Largest crowd (76,633) at NFL New York Giants' Stadium is recorded. They beat Washington 17-0.


Doret said...

You probably won't look at this tonight but I am sorry your Chargers lost. They just can not get it together in the playoffs but at least they make it not unlike my Mets that has missed the playoff by one game 2yrs in a row. All the home teams lost. Has that happened before. Raven/Steelers should be very good, I am pretty sure the Ravens are still pissed about that TD call. Did you see/hear that hit Ray Lewis gave that other player knocked his hemlet off but he held onto the ball. As long as the Eagles don't win I will be happy. Philly can't have two in one year.
Eagles/Cardinals- Eagles, I am still not a believer in the Cardinals.
Ravens/Eagles- Superbowl winner Ravens. The Ravens Defense is as always excellent, and the offense is much improved from the yr they one the superbowl.
Will you still watch the upcoming games?

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I figured it would either be a whooping or a dogfight. I was really hoping for a dogfight.

I'm not sure if the Cards can do it but I'll still keep my fingers crossed for them. The Eagles are tough.

Of course I am watching the rest!