Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tales From The Inbox - January 10, 2009

Southern California Breakers : The IWFL has released the team's schedule for the upcoming year. The roster is growing, coaches are aligning, and a new season is almost here! As last year, I will be covering each of the home games. The first of those is Saturday, April 25th. I will be catching up with the team next month for practice. Don't forget to check Women's Football Talk for updates on the entire world of women's football. WFB Talk is also on the hunt for correspondents around the country. Visit the link and find out how you can get in!

WPS: The WPS draft can be followed online, and on Fox Soccer Channel! I'm very excited to have women's soccer back at the professional level. Don't forget, the season starts on March 29 in Los Angeles!

Disclaimer and Apology: Alright, today's video is not very PC at all and has some cussing and insensitive language that I certainly don't condone. Those of you who have been around here should already know that. Those of you offended by old school punk rock or any of the band Fear's songs should not watch the video. That said, I have to apologize to New York. I arrived here yesterday and the years of karma that has built up from chanting "Yankees Suck" caught up with me. Upon my arrival, I was informed that my luggage never left LAX. I joked the entire time that this was my karma and the karma that all native Angelinos carry for taking the Dodgers all those years ago. In my defense, I did root wholeheartedly for the Giants in the Super Bowl last year. Fortunately, my luggage eventually found its way back to me very late last night. The video is for the song that would not get out of my head once I found out I had no luggage. Besides, many of you told me you liked it when things were shaken up a bit sometimes.


Lindsay said...

Crazy that the IWFL season is about to start already. And I can't believe it's already almost the Superbowl! The (sports) season's go by so quickly.

I am very glad you got your luggage finally. You impress me that you're always able to remain so positive.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks! Getting overheated and freaked out just makes it all worse. I felt bad for the other passenger that had his luggage misplaced also. He nearly had an aneurysm! I saw an opportunity to make jokes - those folks that work at the lost baggage department hear so many grouchy people all day that I thought it would be more fun to talk about sports and make them laugh. Of course, I had a very large martini when I got to the hotel to calm myself since I held it all in!

Lindsay said...

Haha! You deserved that martini!

Apryl DeLancey said...

AND...I enjoyed every last drop of it!