Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Dream For 2009

In my ideal sports world, this is what would happen in 2009:

The Dodgers re-sign Manny Ramirez and everyone else that they are dragging their feet about. They have a stellar season and win the World Series.

The Angels own up to the fact that their stadium is well over an hour away from Los Angeles, in another county completely, and drop the "Los Angeles" title from their name. They go back to the California Angels moniker.

The Lakers sweep the Celtics for the title.

The Galaxy and Chivas USA play so well that the city of Los Angeles is actually really interested in soccer. Really.

The Sparks start selling out and become an elite event to attend, complete with celebrity fans littered throughout the crowd.

Barry Melrose comes back to the Kings and makes them a real hockey team again.

An NFL team will return to Los Angeles. It will be IN the city of Los Angeles and not out in I.E. or some crazy place two hours outside of the city.

Yes, the chances are slim that ALL of these will happen, but one can dream!

What are your sports dreams for 2009?

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