Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Sports Wrap - January 4, 2009

NFL: Save a seat for me on the San Diego Chargers bandwagon! Woohoo! Well, you can't really call me a bandwagoner since they are in my 4 faves since Los Angeles is team-less (Raiders, Chargers, 49ers, Bucs). Can I just say that Sproles is the MAN! Today's matchups should be exciting - I'm rooting for the Dolphins over the Ravens and am not really rooting for anyone in the Eagles vs. Vikings matchup. I guess since I can think of four people rooting for the Vikes I'll half-heartedly go that way. That and they COULD be one of the teams that eventually moves here. At least they'll match the Lakers and Kings already. Purple everywhere!

USA Today Schedule: This is where I keep telling you all to find the mainstream events of the day. There are plenty of sports to watch - woohoo! I'll be outside hiking though - gotta stay in shape over the winter months too. I did get out and golf on Friday but nearly froze my fingers off. Yes, I am a big baby.

Today in Sports History

1920 - The National Negro Baseball League organizes

1980 - President Carter announces US boycott of Moscow Olympics

Happy Birthday to Don Shula


Lindsay said...

Well the Vikings blew it as always. I was hoping they would make it to the Superbowl just to piss people off. They totally didn't even deserve to be in the playoffs in the first place!

Apryl DeLancey said...

It would have been nice to see them go all the way!