Friday, November 7, 2008

Tales From The Inbox - November 7, 2008

TRUNQ: Go to this site and rate previous guest TRUNQ to help them win an ISPO Brand New Award.

Also, TRUNQ will be one of the hosts of the upcoming ecolounge launch here in Los Angeles:

“Ecolounge launches November 20, 2008 in L.A., hosted by TRUNQ and Heliopower at Arbor Sports. A monthly mixer for the action sport and sustainable living networks, ecolounge is held every Third Thursday in L.A., Honolulu, and Augusta.

The L.A. launch party will feature free beer and networking from 7:00-8:00pm and a Snowboard Video Premier: "My Own Two Feet" from Protect Our Winters starting at 10:00pm.”

Surf Scene: In Maui? Check this out:

“The Fourth Annual Lahaina Town Clean Up will take place in Maui at noon on Sunday, November 16th at Kamehameha Iki Beach Park next to the 505.

There will be a skate park demo across the street hosted by The Lahaina Skate Co. Please bring any extra recyclable products from home to the event to drop off at the recycling center. In the evening there will be live music and the Hawaii video premier of “One Track Mind.”"

What is “One Track Mind”?
“One Track Mind is the latest 16mm movie from the creative collaborative Woodshed Films. Directed by Chris Malloy, One Track Mind explores the common thread that drives the most influential surfers from three generations to push wave riding to new dimensions. Experience the unique opportunity to sit up close and personal with the most prolific surfers of our time as they share the secrets that gave them inspirational and technical elements to be the best the world has ever seen.”

A similar event, the North Beach Shore Cleanup is on the North Shore of Oahu on December 8, 2008. Music and surfing will be included!

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