Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday - November 26, 2008

MLB: So the McCourts have found a new way to make an excuse to not pay big money for Manny Ramirez. They want to poise themselves as looking through the eyes of the fans. How? They are asking fans whether they want them to spend big money on one player in this economy or fund fields for kids throughout Los Angeles. I've got one for you - how about not funding that huge new mall that you're building at Chavez Ravine that is designed to suck more money out of the fans and use that money to fund your philanthropic efforts? Then you could do both - get a high dollar player and fund programs for kids. I know you must already be able to donate uniforms, catchers gear, bats, bases, and everything else to fund junior leagues. Please stop using the thinly-veiled concern. Why not take a pay cut yourself since you're so concerned about the local economy? Yeah, I better stop...I am just getting entirely too frustrated...

And just in case you thought it would be a dull weekend for baseball - don't turn off your radar too long. A number of moves are in the works. During this long weekend, the fate of Manny Ramirez, Rafael Furcal, and several others could be decided.

Today In Sports History

1995 - Dolphins QB Dan Marino sets NFL record with 343rd touchdown pass

1996 - Less than three weeks after MLB owners voted 18-12 against ratification of baseball's new collective bargaining agreement, owners voted again and this time approved it by a vote of 26-4. The landmark agreement brings interleague play to the regular season for the first time as well as revenue sharing among owners and a payroll tax on players.

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