Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Where In The World Is Lisa Guerrero?

Other than her gigs as a correspondent for Inside Edition and TV Guide, Lisa Guerrero still has her finger on the pulse of the sports world. Since her appearance as a 5 Questions guest, she has kept her traditionally busy schedule that is her trademark. Besides the release of her production company’s first film, A Plumm Summer, she’s been occupied with a whole new venture – sports blogger!

Recently, Lisa started writing sports-related blog pieces for the Los Angeles Times. They are quite funny - such as observations reflecting that she feels right at home at Angel Stadium since everyone has her last name on the back of their jerseys. Much of her musings are tongue-in-cheek as she mixes pop culture and politics with sports. Lisa says that the blog has been a very enjoyable way to explore a new way of writing since she’s never really been a “writer”. Although she did write her own material when she was a sports reporter, this is a whole new ball of wax in comparison. Here, she is much freer to give her opinion and lace the content with humor. “It’s a bit like keeping a diary”, she says as she confesses that her favorite subject in school was creative writing. She doesn’t spend a lot of time worried about what the commentary after her posts are either. Basically, she puts her opinion and insight out there and lets the readers react. She gets fans reacting to her Times blog on her personal site most of all. I agree – the anonymity of the internet makes people quite brave. Lisa would rather hear what you have to say as yourself and not a screen name from what I gather.

Check out her place on the Times and you’ll see some of her recent gems like:

How It Came About

The Rally Monkey

A Commentary On Mark Cuban

A Gift For Your Daughters

Or you can just follow this link to get all the goods.

In addition, she has discovered that writing this blog has opened entirely new possibilities that she had not previously considered. For example - a potential book deal! I was immediately excited to hear about that. I would absolutely love to read about Lisa’s journey from Rams cheerleader to highly recognizable sports personality. And – she’s even collaborating on another writing venture – songwriting. Look for songs co-written by Lisa in both the country and rock genres. She claims that she had never realized how enjoyable it would be to write lyrics.

I had also previously reported that she would be working on producing another film. This is still the case but a large studio will be attached. The title at this point is “Slambook” and it is a very commercial teen thriller. They are in pre-production and still slated to start filming in the spring of 2009. I’ll give you more about that venture whenever I get the details.

In the meantime, check her out on the LA Times site and stay tuned – who knows where in the world we will find her next!


Lindsay said...

That was a good point about how brave people are when they can be anonymous on the Internet. That really annoys me. I think honesty is great, but don't hide behind a screen name.

Doret said...

The Rally Monkey was my favorite. But what us up with all the harsh comments people left, there was no need for that. Some men just can't believe women know sports.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of hiding at all! I like honesty and it means so much more when someone stands behind it as opposed to using an alias.

I think the harsh comments are uncalled for also. One day everyone will be able to "like sports" regardless of gender, eh?