Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Euphoria That Is The Start Of The NBA Season

Aah…the start of the NBA season. Depending on who you listen to, the Los Angeles Lakers are going to take the title or the Boston Celtics will repeat. I’m personally pulling for the first scenario. Of course, I’m an extremely biased Los Angeles native (in case you haven't noticed). I’m still not over the Lakers playing like absolute dirt against the aforementioned Celtics in the finals last year. I mean seriously, it seemed like Kobe Bryant only played on half a tank of fuel at times. Eh, que sera sera…I just can’t get too worked up by the games so far. Yes, the Lakers are atop the West and the Celtics are atop the East. There are still MANY months of basketball to be played so I will reserve judgment on who will be the champs until I see more. Heck, who knows… maybe the Clippers could pull something out. Then again, maybe the St. Louis Rams will miraculously make the NFL playoffs this year and the Los Angeles Kings will be NHL champs. Yeah, I know…fairy tales.

Speaking of the Clippers, they have this very nice facility just down the street from me here in the LAX/Marina Del Rey area. I've been meaning to snap some pics of it and just haven't got it together to do so yet. What is interesting is that this building is not too far from the Lakers complex in El Segundo. For those of you not privy to the Los Angeles layout, both of these are close to LAX and pretty far from the Staples Center downtown where they both play. So my question is this – did the Clippers move closer to the coast and airport to be closer to the Lakers and therefore maybe getting some of their good mojo to rub off on them? Or do they just want to be closer to the wonderful breezes of the Pacific Ocean? Regardless, the new practice facility for the Clippers is modern and has a ticker on the outside so that you can catch up on team news. Maybe I’ll start seeing them around lunchtime like I do certain Lakers team members. Yeah, I really do see Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, and Luke Walton every now and then at the local lunch or coffee spot. In fact, Luuuke and his brother have a little restaurant nearby. I know – I’ve got a rough life.

Speaking of interesting NBA possibilities, it appears that everyone’s favorite Maverick - owner that is - is facing a heavy accusation of insider trading. As we know from the whole Martha Stewart incident, this is not something that the powers that be tolerate with much empathy. This story is at its preliminary stages so there isn’t a reason to jump to conclusions yet. Even Mark Cuban deserves a fair shake. How sad would it be to just have this turn out to be a witch hunt of sorts. It is no secret that he has rubbed some the wrong way but this is not a reason to assume his guilt so early. Let’s be civil folks.

Who are you watching this NBA season?


Lindsay said...

I've never been much of a Lakers fan, but they are starting to grow on me. I bet the Clippers wanted to be closer to the Lakers to get more publicity.

That's cool that you run into some of the players now and then. How about five questions with Kobe?

Apryl DeLancey said...

It isn't like I haven't tried! I almost, almost got one question with Phil Jackson once. Maybe if I stake out the Clippers locale I can get one of them!