Saturday, November 15, 2008

Go Take A Hike

I've always appreciated that I could participate in outdoor sports and activities throughout the entire year here in Southern California. It truly doesn't matter what month it is. You can either surf or ski and sometimes both in the same day. I have actually done that once many years ago. I woke up very early and drove to the mountains to get in some snowbarding. Afterward, I got home to my place on the beach and found some very nice afternoon waves to surf. If only every day could be like that.

Now that I have a giant bloodhound in the house I've been hiking quite a bit more. In the Los Angeles area we have several trails that are very nice with amazing views at the top. The slideshow above is from one of our recent Griffith Park trips. There are many other trails that are dog friendly. In addition, most trails are perfect for someone like me: I want to be outside without feeling like I'm in the middle of nowhere because I am not big on the whole camping thing. Definitely a city girl, I've got to be able to grab lunch at a dog-friendly outdoor cafe on the way home. Don't get me wrong though, you don't hear the sounds of the city when you're in the hills if you are one that has to "get away from it all".

Besides the trails at Griffith Park, there is also Runyon Canyon that is quite popular. This area has an off-leash dog area and plenty of friendly people. Of course, I can't let my bloodhound off-leash or he'll follow some scent wherever it takes him. That isn't exactly safe at the high elevations of the trails.

These trails are perfect for all dogs and their people that are well-behaved enough to be out around other dogs and people. The bloodhound loves it because he is quite the social guy that wants to be friendly with all people, children, and other animals. Hiking is great exercise for humans and canines alike! The bloodhound will never be interested in agility training so hiking is a great way for both of us to stay in shape and spend time together.

Here are a few links to find other great hikes in the Los Angeles area:

Local Hikes

LA Hikes

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If you're in the area, drop me a note and tell me of any good dog-friendly hikes I may have missed.


Lindsay said...

I love Gus and his pack! Good post. I wish we had more public off-leash dog places around here. At least most places do allow them as long as they are on leash.

By the way, I noticed I spelled your name wrong in my post today. I wonder if I've done that before... Anyway, got it fixed! Sorry about that.

Apryl DeLancey said...

That just means that you and Ace have to move here or at least visit. We are very dog-friendly in SoCal.

Thanks about the name, I don't think you've done it before. I meant to point that out so thanks for noticing.