Monday, May 5, 2008

5 Questions With TRUNQ

Dallas Hitchcock and Matt McPherson are two surfers that met while they were both students at Pepperdine University. Both a part of the water polo team, they learned to work together and later became business partners. Together they produced the TRUNQ surf utility box that keeps surfers organized in a convenient way. Matt came out of the water long enough to answer five questions:

1. I see that you were involved in NCAA Water Polo in college – what are your most exciting memories from that time? Tell me where you played, how competitive the team was, what your role was, etc.

Dallas and I both played water polo for Pepperdine University. Dallas was part of the 1997 NCAA National Championship team and I joined the team the year after that. Our team was very competitive and finished in the top 5 every year. Both Dallas and I played the utility position which basically meant we played all the positions, except goalie. While we were on the team we were coached by 1984 Olympian Terry Schroeder. Terry is an incredible person and quite the businessman himself. Through Terry, Dallas and I both learned valuable lessons in teamwork, dedication, and motivation, along with many other life lessons. Pepperdine Water Polo was a very positive experience that brought Dallas and I together. Without the camaraderie and compassion that Dallas and I received playing for Pepperdine TRUNQ may have never been created.

The memories that we have from playing water polo at Pepperdine will never be forgotten. There are way too many to list. The main thing that strikes me are the life lessons that we learned from playing water polo. Hard work and dedication can get you anywhere. Always trust in your team and always keep your eyes and ears open there is always something to be learned.

2. Where are your favorite surf spots in Southern California? Have you surfed much around the world and if so, where did you enjoy the most?

My favorite spots in California would have to be (in no order) - Malibu, Trestles, Rincon, and 56th St in Newport. I have surfed a bunch around the world. My favorite would have to be the west coast of Australia. I rented a car with some friends and drove all the way to the north west tip of Australia. The entire coastline is littered with surf spots and everything is like it was thousands of years ago. Totally untouched and perfect. Miles of empty beaches with gorgeous live coral reef. If you ever have the chance to travel to the west coast of Australia I would highly advise it.

3. How did you come up with the idea of TRUNQ? Did the concept take a long time to develop and process? What exactly is the product for?

Dallas came up with the idea for TRUNQ one morning while surfing. He then told me about it and I confirmed that the TRUNQ Surf Utility Box was something that the surf industry was seriously lacking. From that day it took us about a year to make the prototype model and actually start selling the product via our website. Once we had the prototype were able to see what people liked and didn’t like about our product. We took all that info and created the TRUNQ Surf Utility Box to be stronger and last longer than normal storage bins on the market. We saw that there was a need in the surf industry for a way to transport all the necessities that go along with surfing. From this the TRUNQ was born.

4. Where can someone find a TRUNQ? Is more than one style available? Who can benefit from a TRUNQ?

Trunq is available online at our website as well as in retail shops. We released the TRUNQ S.U.B to the retail market in November/December of 2007. Since then we have signed up about 5 Sales and Marketing Reps. Trunq is now available at 26 locations nationwide. With the most stores in Southern California, Trunq is also working with distributors in Australia, the UK, and Europe.

Only one style of the TRUNQ S.U.B is currently available. It would be possible to make a larger or smaller TRUNQ S.U.B at some point. When we designed TRUNQ we tried to find the perfect size to be able to store a wetsuit, a towel and be able to keep all your gear without being too big and bulky to still carry in one hand.

The best part about the TRUNQ S.U.B is that it has so many applications. We designed the TRUNQ S.U.B for surfers but it is also very useful for many outdoor activities. Fisherman can use it for their waders and tackle. Kiteboarders, wakeboarders, and jet ski riders all can keep their life jackets and gear in better condition than being left out to the elements. This is one of the main benefits of the TRUNQ S.U.B, that is being able to prolong the life of wetsuits and other gear. Keeping things organized is also a major benefit of the TRUNQ S.U.B. Instead of having to search through the car for wax and fin keys the gear I need is stored in one place.

5. What plans does TRUNQ have for the future? Will you be making more sizes and shapes – maybe a glove box edition (smile)?

No immediate plans for different sizes. But in the near future Trunq plans on releasing more accessories for the TRUNQ S.U.B. I can’t tell you anything yet but plenty of good things to come from Trunq in the future.


Lindsay said...

Western Australia sounds perfect! I want to go there so bad. Imagine traveling the world and surfing!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah - sign me up!