Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday - November 5, 2008

NFL: Yes, the Tennessee Titans are undefeated. Not just the first few weeks, but all the way in Week 9. Yes, let me clarify...the Titans are 8-0. Everyone's early picks have struggled at best and other teams continue to surprise. One team that is not surprising is the Oakland Raiders. It is so sad that this team has been at the bottom for so long. Ever since they gave up Jon Gruden they've been on a downward slide...

NBA: The Los Angeles Lakers continue to look like a force to be reckoned with. Of course, I'll continue to remain skeptical until later in the season. Just look at the aforementioned NFL - the season started out with high hopes for certain teams that are having many difficulties now. At any rate, the Lakers have won the first three games of the season with some by large margins.

MLB: The Los Angeles Dodgers have still not signed Manny Ramirez. It seems as though many like to put the blame on his agent. Again, he has the shrewdest agent in baseball...but seriously...why wouldn't he? I feel like a broken record discussing this...just sign him already! Please! For crying out loud...why should New York get all of the marquee players?

Today in Sports History

1971 - NBA's Los Angeles Lakers start a 33 game consecutive win streak

Happy Birthday to Bill Walton and Johnny Damon,

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