Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wild World of Wednesday - November 12, 2008

Tennis: Venus Williams capped off the year with a victory in the final event of the season. Serena Williams was out due to an injury described as a stomach strain. Ouch. It just sounds unpleasant. I've really enjoyed watching the Williams sisters over the years. It seems like they've always been around and always will be.

Speaking of tennis icons, Billie Jean King was recently named "Global Mentor for Gender Equality".

Cheer: While some don't believe that cheer (or cheerleading, if you must) is a sport I'm not so quick to write it off. In fact, I included cheer squads in my sports articles when I was contributing to a local print publication. Think about it, these are very athletic people who practice several times a week. They engage in demanding physical activity for particular seasons. In addition, there are national champion titles at college, high school, and other age levels. Does this qualify it as a sport for you?

Today in Sports History

1933 - The first Sunday football game is played in Philadelphia ( it was previously illegal to play on Sunday). The local Pittsburgh Pirates lost to the Brooklyn Dodgers (yes, the football team) by a score of 32-0.

- QB Dan Marino breaks Fran Tarkenton's NFL all-time passing yardage mark of 47,003


Lindsay said...

I think cheerleading is a sport, for the reasons you stated. They work hard just like any other team and can have pretty intense practices. Of course there are some high school cheerleading teams that barely do anything other than clapping.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I have experienced one of those. Pretty sad since there is much more potential!