Monday, June 8, 2009

5 Questions Basketball & Basketball Re-Runs

I'm all fired up after the Lakers OT win last night at home to take Game 2 of the Finals. This has motivated me to bring back some basketball posts that I am quite fond of:

Early last year I interviewed Shirlett Hendry, coach of the girls basketball squad at Dorsey High School here in Los Angeles. I attended Dorsey in my sophomore year. Click on her name to read her say quite a bit without using a lot of words.

One day I am hoping to do an interview with a member of the Los Angeles Breakers. I've had a guest post that told us about the team but they've so far not returned my email about an interview. Stay tuned.

Another guest post about basketball came from Linday, writer of That Mutt. She pondered whether all high school athletes should get equal playing time. As a former high school b-baller herself, she was inspired to write this post after a game that made the news because of a 100-0 score.

Former hoops player and blogger extraordinaire Megan Hueter took time out of her busy day to be a guest for five questions. She's one of the founders of the Women Talk Sports site.



Lindsay said...

Thanks for the link and for mentioning my guest post! I had a chance to listen to the majority of the Lakers game last night while driving. What a good game!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, the game nearly gave me a heart attack!