Monday, June 15, 2009

How Can I Not Post This? Lakers Rule!

Finally, another crown in Los Angeles! Now we just need the Dodgers to win the World Series this year and we can really freak out.

To Orlando - you had a great season. I was pulling for you all the way to the finals. You'll be a force to reckon with next year for sure. Top that with the rumors that LeBron James may look to join your squad next year. You would be nearly unstoppable!

The Lakers are the champs! Woohoo! I said Lakers in 6 and I'm happy to be wrong. One of my buddies said they'd do it in 5. I really thought Orlando was tougher than that. I did not count on the Lakers actually showing up and not getting lazy. They meant it, you could see it in Kobe's eyes!

By the way - the song atop this post is my ringtone right now. I know, I am such a dork! I'll also incorporate one of my vintage Lakers tees into my outfit today. Super dork! What can I say!?

P.S. 5 Questions will be back tomorrow for a special Tuesday edition. I just had to celebrate today.


jan said...

Congratulations, you deserve some dorky moments.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Thanks Jan! I've got my Magic Johnson 1987 MVP shirt on to celebrate!

Lindsay said...

Go Lakers! I have to admit, they've grown on me. I was hoping they'd win!

Apryl DeLancey said...