Saturday, June 20, 2009

Golf In Full Swing

What are you doing today? Golf seems to be permeating the sports scene at the moment (or it could just be me).

Women's Golf Month:
There is still time to get in on the events surrounding Women's Golf Month. Free clinics, events, lessons, networking, and much more happen the entire month of June. Go to the link om the first sentence and find a course that is sponsoring events near you. I've got another event today and then a challenge next Saturday. I'm quite excited about it and really want to do well. I'll be working on my short game quite a bit this week.

Duramed Championship: The Duramed Futures Tour finishes up the Duramed Championship this weekend. Duramed is the LPGA's developmental tour. Information is a bit hard to come by on the website for the event and I had a hard time finding standings. When I did see a link to something that happened in the event it basically took me in circles. Maybe someone can help me with that? The best way to keep up with the event is on Twitter.

US Open:
The weather at Bethpage Black has been quite challenging for the grounds crew to keep up with. You can watch the event online from ESPN. Phil Mickelson is the pro that journalists are hoping will win so they can get a "Disney musical" story as one put it. Tiger has to make something like a 66 today to even make even par. It doesn't seem very likely with the course conditions.

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