Thursday, June 18, 2009

Tales From The Inbox - June 18, 2009

Fighter Girls: Debi Purcell's website has some cool new gear. Check out the new Thai shorts and hoodies.

Win At All Costs:
Another blogger brought an interesting story to my attention. A college softball game became the subject of controversy when one coach called for the rules to be followed. On top of that, the umpire allowed the rule to be applied incorrectly. Take a look here and tell me what you think.

SweatyBetty Fliptops: SweatyBetty, the UK sports clothing company, is hosting an interesting contest for UK residents. If you know the winning answer I am curious:

"The SweatyBetty sports and leisure fashion brand are known for collaboration with the cult brand Fitflops. For those who are not yet aware, Fitflops are a new, innovative and fashionable footwear sandal which will tone legs and bum whilst on the move and are available at SweatyBetty in a range of colour, designs, and sizes. SweatyBetty currently has an offer to win a magnificent weekend break, all expenses paid for a limited time. Every pair of Black and White Walkstar III sandals features a street plan of a major city on its sole. If guessed correctly, a weekend trip is up for grabs. Just answer the simple question, which city's street map is featured on the bottom of the black and white Walkstar III sandal by Fitflop? If answered correctly the lucky winner could be jet setting off on a luxury break to that city, with flights, accommodation and £500 spending money all included. The competition is open to all United Kingdom residents."


Doret said...

Nice fight. Though I was hoping one of them would land a decent kick. Is there such a thing as a female cup? Is farting allowed. Or is there some unwritten thou shall not fart in the opposition's face rule.

As small and petty that coach was, its ump is as much if not more to blame. The ump should have consulted the rule book and not gotten pushed to make a quick decision by a coach who wants to take away a fence clearing homerun in such a fashion.

Congrats on the Laker win, now got tear up the city some more.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Farting? Oh wow, you crack me up. I am not sure if there is a farting regulation or not. I don't see how they could stop it since you can always claim that it slipped out.

The ump definitely bears a lot of responsibility here. They must know the rules, period.

Oh, and the folks tearing up downtown were the regular thugs looking for a reason to make trouble. It happens in every city when a team wins a championship.

Lindsay said...

There was some rule in high school swimming that if any team members jumped in the pool at the very end of a meet to congratulate the final swimmers, the whole team would be DQ'd and therefore would lose. My coach always told us about that and (I think jokingly) hoped the other team would jump in the pool. It never happened.

I think the ump in the softball game made a bad call.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I keep questioning how the ump could allow a coach to make decisions for them. At the very least, they lost their cool and got ran over by a stronger personality.