Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunday Sports Wrap - June 28, 2009

: A boatload of interleague play happened today. The Dodgers stunk it up but they're still in good shape overall. Manny will be coming back soon and it will be interesting to see the impact. It doesn't really seem like folks around here are too upset about his alleged PED use. Honestly, it seems like someone is getting caught every week. It's a shame that this is what baseball is about these days.

Golf: Kenny Perry finished the Travelers Championship with a record winning score. The win puts Perry ahead in the FedEx Cup standings. There has been a different player atop the points race each week in the last three weeks. Definitely shaping up to be an interesting season!

Yes, I'm 12
: Not that this has anything to do with sports but I saw the new Transformers movie yesterday and really enjoyed it. I thought it was great because they only broke up the scenes where they were transforming, flying through the air, and blowing stuff up with a tiny bit of dialogue. Works for me!

Today In Sports History

1958 - Brazil becomes soccer's World Cup champion in Sweden

1975 - Lee Trevino is struck by lightning at Western Open


Lindsay said...

Haha! I had to laugh at your story about Transformers! I have not seen the movie yet. I think I'll pass on that one ...

Apryl DeLancey said...

See - I have interests other than sports!