Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Wild World of Wednesday - May 13, 2009

Yeah, as I mentioned yesterday - May is a good month to be in L.A. Although the Lakers made me sweat a bit they pulled it out. Kobe put up 40 points to help seal the deal. The buzz is that they'll take the series in 5 or 6. I'm not concerned with how many as long as they take the series.

Adding To The Celebration: Last night the Dodgers beat the Mets by a score of 5-3. The Mets finish their road trip out here tonight at the Ravine. So far the Dodgers have managed a 28-13 record. I don't want to get my hopes up but we are REALLY overdue a championship. Let's go Dodgers!

Today In Sports History

1900 - The second modern Olympic Games open in Paris and last five months. Women compete for the first time in this event. The organizers de-emphasized the significance of the events so much that many athletes went to their graves without ever knowing that they actually competed in the Olympic Games.

1991 - Michael Jordan is named the NBA's MVP

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