Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sunday Breakers Wrap - May 3, 2009

Last night the 1-1 Southern California Breakers hosted the 0-2 Modesto Maniax at Capo Valley High. The evening started out quite chilly with a definite wind coming from the Pacific but things heated up in the second half quite nicely for So Cal. Here is how things went down:

First Quarter: Modesto was the first to start on offense. They were unable to capitalize and had to punt on a 4th and 17 situation. On their first offensive play, the Breakers Vanessa Santiallan (28) ran for a touchdown with 13:01 on the clock. However, a holding call wiped the points off of the board and the team was unable to make a score stick during their opening drive. At 5:16 on the clock, the Breakers intercepted the Maniax but fumbled and put Modesto in scoring position on the 12 yard line. Modesto had to settle for a 3 point try but could not convert with 3:30 on the clock. The Maniax put together some impressive plays and were able to contain the Breakers' running game for the first quarter which ended at 0-0.

Second Quarter
: With 8:12 showing on the clock, Jennifer Myszkowski (54) made a big catch to put the Breakers on the 28 yard line of the Maniax. Santillan ran for a first down in the same drive with 7:17 showing on the clock. At 5:48 on the clock So Cal manufactured another first down that put them on the five yard line. Elaine Eba (81) then made a catch to put So Cal on the one. With 5:02 showing on the clock Santillan ran in for the TD. The resulting PAT was no good due to a bad snap. The score was now Breakers 6, Maniax 0. The Breakers had another chance with 0:42 showing on the clock but could not convert and gave the Maniax a chance with 0:15 left in the half. An interception by Joy Barry (22) put an end to the Maniax hopes of scoring in the first half.

: At this point in the game I noticed that the Maniax QB had the use of the hard count down pat. Fortunately for the Breakers, they practiced and conditioned to watch the ball as opposed to listening to the count and were not drawn offside. Both teams are doing a good job of containing the run so far and each are having timing issues with the pass. Modesto was quite impressive with their professionalism and dedication to the game. During the warm-ups, they were a team that was very disciplined and in synch with each other and really had the Breakers on notice during the first half.

: SCAT (South Coast Agility Team) was back again to provide halftime entertainment. I had never seen a basset hound doing dog agility but they had one on the field nonetheless. I guess there is hope for my lazy bloodhound yet!

Third Quarter
: The Breakers start out strong and with 14:45 on the clock Santillan runs for another TD. Jill Cosh (7) does a QB keeper to make the 2 point conversion and the score is 14-0 Breakers. Tutu Leomiti (53) makes key stops on defense during the Maniax possession and quells their hopes for a score. With 11:07 showing in the quarter, Kayla Clark (38) runs in for a TD. The point after is no good and the score is now 20-0 Breakers. Clark struck pay dirt again at 7:58 on the clock with another TD and Santillan carried the 2 point conversion in to make the score 28-0 Breakers. Priscilla Gardner (43) helped shut down the Maniax D along with Leomiti during this quarter.

Fourth Quarter
: At 12:54 on the clock Michelle Jacot (25) ran in another TD for the Breakers. The resulting PAT was foiled by a bad snap but Joy Barry (22) nearly ran in for the score. The scoreboard now reads Breakers 34 and Maniax 0. At 10:19 on the clock Monique Boone (39) intercepted a Maniax pass and ran it back to their 35 yard line. On the same drive, Santillan ran in the TD with 9:44 on the clock and Barry kicked in the point after. The score is now Breakers 41 and Maniax 0. On a later drive for the Breakers, Jacot makes a long run to extend the drive and Shawna Murphy (18) showed that she can gain yards on the QB keeper. Diana Hernandez (46) put another 6 on the board for So Cal with 4:03 left in the game. After three point after attempts (do-overs from penalties), Barry makes the kick to make the score 48-0 Breakers. In the waning minutes of the game the Maniax tried to get at least one scoring drive together and could not convert. With 0:19 showing left in the game, Jacot ran in one more Breakers TD and Barry added the point after to make the final score 55-0.

The Breakers advance to 2-1 and get ready to travel to Arizona to face the Tucson Monsoon. The team will be back at home on May 16 to host the very same Monsoon at Capo Valley.

Tune in to Women’s Football Talk today at 3:00 pm PST to hear my game recap as well as correspondents from around women’s football for other games from this weekend.


Lindsay said...

Nice work, Breakers! That was too bad about that holding call right away, but I guess they still did OK!

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, it was a drag since the quarter ended up scoreless but then they turned on the heat!