Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sunday Sports Wrap - May 23 2009

Football: I'm sad that I didn't make it out to the Breakers vs. Amazons game last night here in Los Angeles. The outcome - Amazons 33, Breakers 0. The updates for all of the IWFL games played yesterday can be found on the IWFL website. In addition, on Saturdays you can find some updates and scores for selected games by following the IWFL on Twitter. Of interest to me was how many games are still very lopsided. There was another game this week in which one team put up at least 70 against their opponent. Although there were about 5 games that had final scores that looked like they were good games, I believe we will still see these one-sided games until the league matures. There were only two WFA games yesterday and those both had much closer scores. Be sure to tune in to the Women's Football Talk radio show this afternoon at 3:00pm PST for full coverage of scores and some recaps. I won't be making my usual call in this week as I will be out hiking the hills of Los Angeles with some friends. I'll be back to calling the crew next week though.

NBA Playoffs: Well the Nuggets beat the Lakers at home so the Lakers returned the favor last night. Close game, though. Tonight is Game 3 of the Magic vs. Cavs series. Both of these finals series are really quite good!

Freeway Series: The last game of the Angels visit to the Ravine is today. The series is split so far. I remember the last time I was actually at the stadium for an Angels visit. Somehow I was lucky enough to sit next to a couple of Angels fans on that particular Sunday. They were interesting folks that acted like I didn't exist and kept bumping me and even pointed at something while nearly poking me in the face. That year the Dodgers swept them and it was very nice to watch the two walk out in disgust. Angels fans are usually much nicer I thought...yeah right...

Today In Sports History

1902 - Cleveland third baseman Bill Bradley is the A.L.'s first player to hit a home run in each of four consecutive games, a record not matched until Babe Ruth does it June 25, 1918.

Happy Birthday to Bartolo Colon and Brad Penny


Doret said...

Today is a good day for sports watching. This baseball, French Open, NBA Playoff game later, maybe I'll even watch a little hockey. My remote thumb is getting a little work today.
The NBA playoffs have been great.
Have you noticed that ESPN is giving more coverage to the NHL playoffs this yeat? Someone big must have complained. Don't know how long this fan love for A Rod will last but I do know it won't be pretty when it ends.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, it is a great sports month! I haven't noticed more NHL - it could be a regional thing. In So Cal we don't get much coverage once the Ducks are out.