Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Breakers Wrap - May 17, 2009

Last night the Southern California Breakers hosted the Tucson Monsoon at the Capistrano Valley High School field. This was the second meeting for the two teams with the last match ending up with a 14-13 victory for the Monsoon. This was just last Saturday in Tucson. Now, the Monsoon would bring their 4-0 record to Southern California to face the 2-2 Breakers. Here's how it went down:

First Quarter: The Monsoon were the first to start on offense but could not capitalize. The Breakers started their first drive on the Monsoon 45. With 11:14 showing on the clock, during the Breakers second offensive play, Vanessa Santiallan (28) ran 45 yards for a touchdown. The point after attempt was no good and the score was 6-0. Without wasting time, Santiallan ran in for another TD with 9:03 on the clock. Elaine Iba (81) made a key block to enable the score. The first point after attempt was good but called back due to a penalty. The second attempt was also good and the score was now 13-0, Breakers. The Breakers struck gold again at 6:35 on the clock when Monique Boone (39) caught a pass for a touchdown. The point after kick by Joy Barry (22) was good and the score was now 20-0. The first quarter excitement for the Breakers continued when Barry intercepted a pass with 3:09 on the clock. The drive and quarter ended with a completion to Iba with 0:02 left in Q1 on the Monsoon 1 yard line.

Second Quarter: The Breakers waste no time and score with 14:50 on the clock via a QB keeper by Shawna Murphy (18). A bad snap foiled the point after try although Barry made an effort to run it in. The score was now 26-0. The remainder of the quarter had the two teams going back and forth on possessions. With 3:02 on the clock, the Breakers fumbled and allowed the Monsoon to start on the So Cal 13. With 0:56 left in the half, the Monsoon socred but failed to make the point after. The score was now 26-6. The Breakers got the ball back and ran out the clock into halftime.

Third Quarter: The Breakers start on offense after the half on the Monsoon 45. Michelle Jacot (25) made the return to give the team this favorable starting point. The team couldn't capitalize and gave the Monsoon possession back at 13:09. Later in the 3rd, the Breakers fumble with 8:12 on the clock. The Monsoon are unable to cash in and the quarter continues with back and forth possessions. The Breakers fumbled again with 1:46 left on the clock but the Monsoon again fail to take advantage of the opportunity.

Fourth Quarter
: Boone recovers a fumble for the Breakers with 11:50 on the clock but the team can't convert. There is more back and forth before the Breakers strike again. Santillan runs in a TD with 8:51 showing on the clock but the point after is no good. The score is now 32-6. With 3:41 showing on the clock the Breakers fumble again but the Monsoon is unable to convert. The Breakers get the ball back at 1:49 remaining and run out the clock. The final score is 32-6.

Coach Manny told me during the game that he felt that it was important not to run up the score on the opposing team. He explained that Vincent Smith, head coach for the Monsoon, had the chance to score at the end of the previous week's game but didn't. When I told him that I had heard of another final score in the IWFL earlier that day that ended up 77-7 he was quite disappointed. "This is what makes players quit", he told me. Indeed, although it may feel good to score over and over it does not help the other team's morale. I've heard others say that they need to score as much as possible in order to assure a playoff spot at the end. If there are similar records then points decide. Basically, you have league morale on one hand and winning your division on the other. Which should prevail?

At any rate, you can listen to the broadcast of this game here which includes my halftime interviews with Becky Leetch and Vanessa Santillan. In addition, today at 3:00 PM PST is Women's Football Talk where I'll be on to give my game recap.

The next Breakers game is in Los Angeles against the Amazons next Saturday, May 23.


Lindsay said...

That's interesting what you said about Coach Manny at the end. I agree with him.

People will look down on the entire league if all the scores are so far apart. People will think some of the teams are really bad. Instead, they want to see close matches.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, I've already heard some less than flattering comments from outsiders about this. Hopefully as teams mature and gain experience it will not be as common.