Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Homeless World Cup Needs You

The Homeless World Cup takes place in Milan this year from September 6-13. With a few months until the contest, nine nations are in need of support in order to be present. I received this note about the event today:

We are just 4 months away from the Milan 2009 Homeless World Cup. 48 nations, 500 players will be united from 6-13 September 2009, in the heart of one of the most football passionate cities on the planet.

Most nations can make it. But 9 economically poorer nations are struggling and need our support.

Cambodia, Ghana, India, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Namibia, Nigeria, Philippines.

Can you help get them there?

The cost per team to attend is approximately £10,000. If you, or anyone you know, can help them this would be fantastic. Please do get in touch with us.

You can make a donation here and it would be wonderful if you could invite all your friends, family, colleagues that may like to support to do the same.

You can also fundraise to help here.

Just this month on a site visit to Latin America to agree the venue for the 2010 Homeless World Cup, we met players who participated in the Cape Town 2006 Homeless World Cup. They are now leaders in their community, encouraging other kids off the streets and on to the football pitch. They are confident and strong with wives and children of their own. The impact continues on. It was exceptionally moving. This is what is in store for the players by participating in Milan.

Can you help?


Lindsay said...

The Homeless World Cup is a great organization. I hope everyone gets the funding they need to participate. I would hate for an individual or country to not be able to participate because of costs.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Totally! I'm sending my donation and spreading the word!