Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Football

Not the NCAA but IWFL action all over the country. I will be at the Southern California Breakers game against the visiting Modesto Maniax. This is the first road game for the Maniax who have an 0-2 record. The Breakers are looking for redemption after their 0-42 loss against the Amazons last week to make their record 2-1.

I will test out doing a few live updates via Twitter at the game tonight. I promised someone that I'd at least get halftime and end game scores up but I will try for a few more. I've got to see how my crummy phone battery life and juggling it, the camera, and my notebook work out.

If you can't make it to an IWFL game tonight there are several that have live audio and/or video. The list of available games can be found at the Women's Football Talk blog.

As always, I highly recommend going to a game in person and supporting your local team. Ticket prices are very inexpensive and there are teams nationwide. Check the entire IWFL schedule for times and locations.

What are you doing tonight?


Doret said...

Apyrl do you cover the IWFL? You should see if the Breakers will let you suit up for a practice. I'd love to see that. Just don't gets your eye messed up like Stuart Scott did.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I sure do - you weren't a visitor last season but I cover the Southern California Breakers for all of their home games and do interviews with team members throughout the year. Search "Southern California Breakers" in my search bar for old stories. Also, if you go to their site you'll find my stories on the "Riding the Wave" page. There is a link under "My Other Blog Appearances" on this page.

I can't suit up to play as much as I would like due to an old injury. I did play as a little girl with the boys and that is the extent of my football career.

Lindsay said...

I wish you were able to play football, too. But at least you got to play when you were younger.

Look at you, a real Twitter expert now.

Apryl DeLancey said...

Yeah, kicking and screaming, BJ from WFB Talk drug me in.

It would so rock to play again too!