Monday, May 18, 2009

5 Questions About The Lakers

Yes, I just couldn't help myself. The Los Angeles Lakers have moved on to the next round after defeating the Huston Rockets in Game 7 last night at Staples Center. To add the icing on the cake, the Orlando Magic knocked out the Boston Celtics. Looks like there won't be a repeat of last year. Even Annika Sorenstam put out a tweet about the results this morning.

In honor of the Lakers win I wanted to point to some interviews with and about the Lakers in this post season. First, I found another Five Questions series that had a Lakers discussion last month. There is talk of a Kobe vs. LeBron battle. This would be great since it would finally put to rest who is the "bigger player". Although there are whole teams around each of them it would definitely turn into that. Interestingly I found this feature about five questions that needed to be answered before game five of the Lakers v Rockets series. It isn't very optimistic for the Rockets even at this stage with the series tied. Finally, here are some burning questions, some of which have already been answered.

All I can say is GO LAKERS!


Doret said...

I was torn between wanting the Magic or Celtics. I thought I Celtics played with little class, but I don't care too much for Van Gundy. He gets into arguments that I think coach shouldn't be bothered with. The Denver Nuggets look good. The Lakers/Denver series is going at least 6
Mets/Dodgers the next three days.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I was pulling for the Magic for a number of reasons so I am glad they made it. The Nuggets will be a tough match for sure! I agree - at least 6.

I'm hoping the Dodgers can stay at least at .500 until Manny returns.

Doret said...

OMG I just watched the Mets/Dodgers low lights or aka Mets bloppers tryouts. I am going to take so much flack at work today.

Apryl DeLancey said...

I was thinking about you...

I know - what was it...5 errors? Ouch! It's only the first of three.

I love L.A.